Last few days of Bloody Harvest

Bloody harvest ends in just 5 days. For the last month, I’ve been grinding all of the halloween anoints on everything I can think of. After farming for so long (and a bit of trading), I’m honestly not sure what to go for next. Am I missing a super powerful terror weapon, shield or grenade? What should I farm for next?

I am not making this post to brag or some crap like that. I’m doing it because I want to hear what people consider to be the best terror anointed items, given that there’s so little time left to acquire them. Players can also use the list of weapons to help them know what to look for/keep

Also, note that I’m not including things like the stalker, fearmonger and ghast call because I’ve farmed scraptrap enough.

So far, I have

Cryo maggie, terror crit hellwalker, (I give up farming for the cryo hellwalker) terror crit lucky 7, and melee 25% terror face puncher

Ammo regen/bullet deflection stop gap, front loader, plus ultra, and faulty star

ASE terror/terror fire rate Roided ghast call, it’s piss, hunter seeker and hex

So, what next?

Terror fire rate/damage or terror ammo regen Big Boom blaster could be fun for a launcher build

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Thanks, I’ll look out for those!

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still no cryo terror psychostabber :sob:

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My game says Bloody Harvest is active until December 5. Please tell me that’s not wrong somehow…

It’s wrong. Nov. 5th it ends

That was the date from last year.
GBX was too lazy to correct it for this year…


■■■■, RIP me. I just came back to this game yesterday :woozy_face:


@TheSTACKSMORESTACKS The Reflux is just a great utility weapon for Fl4k for a bunch of reasons, as we all know. A terror ammo regen Reflux would be pretty dope. I have a x2 one with terror damage and fire rate, and it brings a lot to the table. I bet the terror crit one would be pretty awesome as well.

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I would prefer to have a terror ammo regen shield and damaging anoints on the reflux

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