Last Hot Fix & SHIFT Maintenance

Since the last Hot Fix and Shift maintenance a few odd things seem to have developed:

  1. My game keeps freezing for a few 2 to 12 seconds. If I am in the middle of a battle this can be a bit of a problem. Has anyone else found this happening?
  2. The first time I opened the program after the fix and maintenance all the guns had a sparkly effect at the end of the barrel. Tis made shooting a bit of a problem. Now it thankfully seems to have gone.
  3. Finally, has the weapon drops in Bloodsun Canyon been changed? I have been trying to get a Mayhem 10 Incendiary/Shock Flipper, without any luck, from Minosaur near the start of Bloodsun Canyon. I must have got every other combination of Flipper around 20 times. Does Minosaur no longer drop this variant? Alternatively would anyone be willing to Trade one?

Haven’t noticed the last two, but I have definitely noticed the laggy combat. At one point it was almost a slideshow and I haven’t had this issue for a while (since the projectile count nerf).

I also rarely have lagging issues if my friends aren’t. I also had numerous crashes, including a system-shut-down crash right after restarting the console and game.

I hope the next gen consoles and game clear up this junk. BL3 is the only game that has caused so many crashes on my Xbox One X.

On the plus side, after the numerous crashes, the lag seemed to let up. But I did have a final crash at the end of the night. No clue why BL3 is so brutal to my console.

shift was down this week, if it still is none of the hotfixes which include quality of life changes, and changes to the loot pool would be applied.

Did you equip shield with Amp effect at some point? That’s what it sounds like…