Last Light helix is still +4 health/sec

Ok, you went ahead and nerfed the Antihero, so now it conditionally gives less attack speed than other characters get from unconditional helixes (Alani, Attikus, etc.), but why the Last Light is still +4 health per second? By the way, yesterday when I was matched against low level players, I picked it just to handicap myself, and it didn’t even game those 4, it gave me 3.5.

+4 health per second is laughable and worthless even if it was a passive bonus, but it’s conditional. Make something worthwhile out of it after so many time, please.

Galilea is really at a weird place because she is powerfull and really usefull… but her ult doesn’t feel like an ult, her corruption heal for nothing and doesn’t really deal that much dmg, she has some really bad helix and the worsts level 10 helixs