Last Missing Trophy. Bugged proving ground

Missing one trophy for platnim.
I am one sidemission missing.
It’s proving Ground- Instinct. I got the one for finishing the proving ground but can’t lock in the one finding the proving ground. Tried many times to go back there and finish the mission.
I even completely erased the game and downloaded it again, no success.
So, how can I unlock the finishing trophy without unlocking the finding trophy?
This is driving me nuts…

Any tips what else I could try?

The “discover” one?


So, once you finish it, it’s still active on the initial map?
Try finish it in coop not as a host.

I finished it a few times, still active.
I’ll try via coop this weekend. Thank you for help.

Not able to Play in coop till i got a second character leveled up.
Or should I try online?

Try online. I can help if you want.

I think what is meant is for you to join someone’s game that hasn’t ‘discovered’ it yet and go with them in their game while they ‘discover’ it. I have a few characters who finished the main story but no side-quests so you can try with me sometime if you still need to.

Thanks for your help.
If we could arrange that, would be awesome.
IG: woodzler

OK will send friend request. My PSN is bevross

Thanks both of you. GrzesPL took me to my last missing trophy as a host and that did the job!

Really appreciate your willingness to help out a stranger!

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