Last mission is absolutely ENRAGING

Knockback? On a level where there are ledges in EVERY direction? I spent half my lives spawning into a knockback fest and dying… That’s a HORRIBLE flaw. Really disappointed about that. Guess I’ll have to find a team to help-- oh wait I can’t bc there’s no matchmaking for it…

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Find people on here to play with and stay off the middle island.

well there should be a matchmaking for Heliophage, at least there is on Xbone. The only problem i honestly had was if you during one of the minion waves, the only path to get back to the fight, forces you to land in the island. That is the most annoying part. But i think that Oscar mike is the best one to do it, he has an invis that can generate shields and massive aoe damage. Those are your best bets. If your on Xbox one i can try to help some time.

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I appreciate it guys… Unfortunately i’m on ps4

Don’t fight on the middle platform then, jump over to the snow or fight in the cave

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Play with at the most 3 people and have at least one support/healer character. My friends did this on advanced and we had to struggle.

rage post?

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Lol yes it was. Admittedly, but it was really annoying to be knocked off the map so many times in a row

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Thanks for the offer, we gave up for the night though. We weren’t really on the middle platform that much. And yes I just saw the matchmakingit wasn’t there before For some reason. Thank you!

No worries, hopefully on your next attempt you will reap the rewards of success, good luck!


I always fight at the top of the steps. You only get knocked uphill.

I’ve played it 5 times now on normal. 4 times made it to Rendain. 1st time was w/ 3 and the 1st for us and we had no idea what we were doing. We powered through it and used all our lives and squeaked out a win.
2nd time was w/4 and tried staying off the middle and thought we could waddle down the waves, but it was overwhelming. 2 of our players were smart enough to chase Rendain down and killed him. 3rd time was again with 4 and we had a much simpler time with a good coordination, team comp. and plan.

In the end it’s a Raid boss. The missions for the most part are blitzkrieg mode. Rendain was great as a rewarding raid boss.

I learned fast that staying on the middle platform is a bad idea. Fight in the snow area or the cave when possible.

A good tip is to use a ranged character and solo it. Once at Rendain, just constantly rotate away from mobs and pick them off from the other islands. It is not that much of a time killer either. Quite efficient. Can be done with others too, just pick ranged characters if the only struggle is getting knocked off. Good luck!

Just had a perfect run with randoms on heliophage then 2 of them decide to just run around instead of going to the pad and ruining everything…so awful. Waste of time.

Unfortunately Matchmaking heliophage on normal is pretty much a guaranteed fail in my experience, especially if you are unlucky enough for no-one to be disconnected before you get to rendain.

@seanshineyouth I’d be up for doing this as a pair if you want, I can tank it with Boldur whilst you can dps or heal or whetever. Or I can take Ambra and you tank. oh and Boldur don’t hide on no snow slope or whatever, Boldur won’t be doing the boring smart cheese thing, Boldur be planted on the middle platform showing that little bitch Rendain he ain’t nothin. Only thing I ask, can you record the fight and send me a copy, I want to see how ridiculous the knockback looks on Boldur from a different perspective (would this be 2nd person view??)

My psn is FullyGrim, so add me, or if you join the community “battleborn forumites” you can just drop in to my game if I am online.

Wait really? I never lost on that map. Don’t fight on the middle platform. That’s literally it. I lost 6 or so lives between two runs, before I figured out that most bosses will come to you if you sit somewhere else. I usually solo it or duo, I don’t like the random… Interesting skill mishmash of public in story. I did it with Attikus and Rath, trying to get lore stuff.
Rendain follows you, the shielded thrall usually follows you, the Bargranth thingy you just run around hitting turrets till he breaks them, then you go to an edge platform.
The trick to not getting knocked off on the edge platforms is to keep your back to a wall, so the knockup is a mere inconvenience and not instant death. There’s actually a lip on a higher ledge on the far side from the spawn point, the icy area, where you can only be knocked up about a foot. Don’t use that verse Ren though, his swords are continuous damage if you do that.
It scales health and damage with difficulty, so I’d advise trying it solo. That’s how I learned what I/my friends were doing wrong on Saboteur, pre objective health buff.

yeah it sucks man. ive been in these situations. had one pug match where we had 11 lives and blew through them all very quickly. everyone kept getting knocked off the ledges. i went to the edge to save them and id get knocked off as well. i kept telling them to stay out of middle but it was a pug group so no luck. needless to say one guy managed to get to rendain by himself but died at the end.

For as many times as I’ve beat that mission (double digits) I still absolutely hate playing it on Advanced; I avoid playing it altogether at this point, now that I’ve finished all the lore that requires damaging Rendain.

The knockback is manageable - don’t stand on the middle island, keep your back to a wall - the problem isn’t even Rendain or any of the 6 other bosses that show up 2 at a time, the problem is the hordes of mid-level mobs that spawn, especially high health, high damage thrall brutes & their AoE spam, 4 or 5 per island, 3 different times between the last wave & the last Rendain fight. They all focus one person, most of them can hit you from anywhere on the map except 1 or 2 spots, when anyone dies they all start spamming their noob tubes, & the AoE marker doesn’t account for the entire range of their grenade launcher splash damage that can one-shot you. It’s a stressful nightmare. Nothing annoys me more in video games than artificial difficulty in boss fights when the challenge doesn’t come from the boss, but from hordes of adds that the boss spawns.

I still enjoy it on advanced. No point having 8 missions that everyone can do with ease, a challenge makes it fun. And the jump pads that are between the islands are handy.

As for the adds, they can die from falling off just like you, including the guards for that one boss. Sadly bosses just respawn.