Last night I had a dream

A dream that I was playing Battleborn, and then I woke up and became severely depressed :(.

Can we please move the release date to this weekend!?!?! I am having the BIGGEST withdrawals!


While I do want them to have time to finish polishing, I am also having SUPER heavy withdrawal from the game. I had massive fun with it, and I CRAVE MORE! Only a week and a half more…

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It IS closer to two weeks isn’t it deep panting hyperventilating


The only fix is that they release full retail for PS4 tomorrow lol.

we seem to already need a support group…Hello, my friends call me B and it has been 4 days now that I haven’t touched a drop of battleborn…other than looking at this forum and almost any other info I can find to tide me over until I am able to get the game, which is unfortunately going to have to wait a week or two until after launch (sadface).

Hiiiiii B, where did the Battleborn touch you?