Last patch ruined modding

so anybody knows this problem i think,
i can’t launch mods anymore because of the new update so anybody know how to fix this


Is this all mods entirely? There are some that have properly been updated for the new system, but any that haven’t been won’t work.

What type of mod? What are your mods at the moment?

New user? Anyway, I am not aware of any updates since of the august 20th.

A quick check of the files says you are right, but I could swear I caught my steam saying “downloading homeworld remastered collection” earlier today…

like the old mods like warlords and stargate and mass effect mods and more

Some older mods do not work if they have not been edited to support the new file system. When were those mods last updated?

i last played the mods a month ago

Ok… So I am not aware of any new patches as the Devs are quiet, but it might be the mods themselves. Link what ones they are and I will see if they work for me. this is the warlords mod

The last update date on all of those predates the 1.30 patch, which was a big compatibility breaker.

Edit: Derp. Those are all for classic, right? That’s a different story.

all for classic

Weird. You’re not the first person I’ve seen with this sort of issue, but personally I can launch HW2C mods just fine. I just tested it with Complex with no issues.

That version of warlords wasn’t uploaded by me, so I don’t know if any tweaks were made. I do know that the issues with RODOH have made it very difficult to move forward in remastered. Even though the base meshes are in 3ds max, none of the rigging is and backporting every ship is extremely complex, RODOH ate about 1/3 of the hods so I am waiting on a RODOH update before I start fighting with that behemoth again

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the newer mods works but warlords not the person who uploaded the mod is van The Fabulous DooMy on steam

I thought you had confirmed that rodoh preserved the hard points for your star dessys?

The classic version is not our priority anymore, but we are aware of the inscreasing number of issues. But as I said, we are working on the remastered version of SSC. We are currently waiting the big update to progress on it.

For now, GBX didn’t announced any date for this patch. So, we are waiting that one ^^ And I am currently working on the SSC’s campaign.

Phoenix Interactive,
Pascal A.
Lead programmer - Responsable Programmation


Well, yes and no. Recently we received some support tickets at Phoenix Interactive about these issues. Strangely, we’ve discovered that the latter ones are not common to all users. In other words, it seems like it’s not caused by the mods themselves, but more like compatibility issues or stuff like that.

As an example, we asked to our community if our mods were still working (SSC, MER and BSG:FC), and we had like 25% of people saying “No, it doesn’t work anymore for me”, whereas the rest of the users can play. So basically, we can’t provide to our community any fix, as we can’t reproduce the issue ourselves.

That being said, if someone reading this topic has this kind of issue with our mod, please make sure to contact me on Skype (username is Erayser), so that we can try to identify the issue and more importantly find a potential fix for all of you. If all of those mods are not working for the same reason, the .log file will tell us all the issues behind the crashes, and once we know them, I’m sure both mods will be able to work again for the ones that can’t play anymore.

However, a user of our community has found a “potential” solution. I mean, it worked for SOME people. Here’s the whole solution he found. I can’t give any guarantee that it works, but well I will say, though, it’s better than nothing:

[quote]The following steps worked for me:
Add this command line and change the figure by your resolution Screen : -w WIDTH -h HEIGHT -hardwarecursor -nomemrestrict -norestriction -nopbuffer[/quote]

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Ok, so try this :

In your SteamApps folder you have (same location of HW folder etc …) a folder called ‘workshop’, this folder contain all mods you have, it’s a save (-_-), so if you try to removed the mod in the HW folder, Steam use this to replace the old file missing. So no new file donwload … And this file can be corrupted.
Step 1 : Delete, in SteamApps/workshop/content/xxxx/yyyy (yyyy is the number of the mod) the folder ‘yyyy’ that contain .big of the mod with problem.
Step 2 : Delete, in SteamApps\common\Homeworld\Homeworld2Classic\DataWorkshopMODs\XYZ\ the folder of the mods. It’s the same number ‘yyyy’ in the previous step.
Step 3 : Try to unsubscribe and subcribe again, the mod download … Wait min…
Step 4 : Ater download, launch HWRM launcher, and try this classic version of your mod !

Please, tell me if it’s works …