Last stand artifact question

Does anyone know how the invulnerability effect of the artifact works with items/skills that reserve some/all health? Like how would it work if more than 50% health is reserved? Does it just work from available health even if more than half your health is reserved?

I’m also wondering if you have a 1hp type build what would happen? I have to admit that I am not aware of all the ways you can achieve a 1hp build or if it’s only with the one deathless artifact in which case it’s a moot point I suppose.

Well I guess I discovered one other way to do a 1hp build without the deathless. If you max out TRL and then use a mod that adds 2 or 3 points it takes you to 1hp. So I guess the question stands…if you only have 1hp how does the last stand artifact work? I’m not even sure how you test that effectively.

I’ve never tried it myself but what I’ve heard is: basically when you first take damage (to your shield) it activates it. Then from there on out it activates on it’s 40 second cooldown if you are taking damage.

I would have to test to be positive, but this is what I’ve read.

Doesn’t it make you invulnerable for 5 seconds when your health hits 50%? What do your shields have to do with it?

Because you are always at under 50% hp, shields doesn’t have much to do with it other then that’s the only thing available to take damage. The point of that was just that it wont activate unless you trigger it by taking damage.

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