Last Stand Artifact

Anyone got any idea of the best way to obtain a last stand relic - I have been trying to get one for the past few days now and no luck

And if anyone is feeling generous, I am on PC :wink:

Have u found one yet I havent found one I think they removed it for the loot drop. I been farming like every boss n mini. Bosses

the weekly event : Mother of Grogans – Random Legendary Artifacts [Mayhem Mode/True Vault Hunter Mode only]

u wouldnt have a extra one at all do ya willing to help out to get it, playsation name is sumkilling

Farm the Jakob’s Estate loot tink in offline mode. I’ve had several of these drop for me there.

I got it from the eridium slot machine in Moxxxies

i got 2 of it. and i lose it. but i not use it couz its poor stat. its only 5 sec per every 40 sec.