Last stand deathless

I got one of these tonight while trying to farm, should last stand be on a deathless relic or is it a bug?

I dont think it’s a bug. I wanna say I’ve seen one drop.

So, with that and a stop gap, because of the way theh trigger I could have 10 seconds of invulnerability? Or would the last stand perk not trigger with only 1 hp?

Wouldn’t the last stand trigger 5 second invulnerability every 40 seconds because of the cooldown?
Since you are always with 1hp.

Oh, it might actually.

I tried to run stop gap with the deathless relic. Assuming upon breaking id have 5 sec of immunity. That coupled with -112% shield recharge delay on a 6sec delay. I would be recharging almost immediatley. Alas. I think damage rolls over. And it kills me.before proc.

Any other tests on this?

I read that it maybe a bug. It doesnt give you the 5 seconds of invulnerability.

Maybe due to the synergy with the deathless relic

Any one have a last stand I can get. Willing to help to get it

Stop gap won’t proc if you get killed in a hit that took out the shield. With 1hp you will get killed all the time before it can proc, because you lose health gate.

Yeah I know still looking for one.if u find one could send it to sumkilling that’s my psn name

I did some testing on this and yes, it gives you 5 seconds of invulnerability every 40 seconds.

Deathless and Stop Gap don’t work well together because of the damage overflow from your shields to your health.

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