Last Star Collaboration - In Memory of Nema

We did it, everyone! We all came together and completed one truly badass art collaboration, and it’s all thanks to someone very dear to us all: Nema. It is my immense honor to present the finished product of everyone’s hard work in celebration of her ability to bring everyone together for something great for a game that she, as well as all of you, love very dearly.

I want to thank everyone involved for their dedication to the completion of this project, ensuring it was completed in time for what would have been Nema’s 26th birthday. I know that if she could, she would hug each and every one of you for creating such amazing art and giving her the gift of camaraderie. I hope that, wherever she is today, her day is made just a little bit brighter thanks to you all.

While I’d love to sit here and express for everyone how much she meant to us all, I don’t have to do that. Listed below is an alphabetized (based on character names) list of every artist involved in this project, and so many of you had such kind words to share of your memories with her. I’m very happy to share each and every person’s support with the rest of the community, and her family and friends outside of it.

Once again, thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


Alani by Rose Max Thorn (Aka FlamingWings)

“Being a part of this project was a huge honor. The collab showed how great the BB community is and the artistic drive it gave us.”

Ambra by LeftCircle

“I adore Battleborn but I love Battlefam more. I’m so thankful to not only be apart of this collaboration but to be apart of this community.
Nema was one of the people that stood out in our group. She was passionate and encouraging to everyone. I didn’t know her like my friends did, her friends. Through this collaboration I managed to talk to her more, I had always wanted too.
She’s was a beacon of energy, kindness and support. She touched so many of us in the community, even if just a little. This is for Nema, more than anything else.”

Attikus by Nema Mixon (Aka Thrall Lover/MirrorDemonNema)

She was well loved by all, and as we all know, this collaboration would not have happened without her. It is everyone’s great pleasure to dedicate this finished collaboration to her honor, and we all hope that she is happy wherever she is, and that she is with her husband, Attikus himself.

Beatrix by carnemorta

“[Nema] was an incredible person and brought a smile to my face whenever i talked with her, my heart is with her family and friends right now, may she rest in peace.”

Benedict by CobaltCerberus

“I may not have known everyone closely but I cherished the few conversations i had with Nema about our love for our respective characters and fan theories. I wish I would have known her more and that she’s resting in peace, or kicking ass out there, somewhere.”

Boldur by reverieque

Caldarius by Jim Foronda

“I met Nema through the Battleborn community. I didn’t know her in person…but online, she was a positive force. Always a friend in conversation. Always encouraging other artists. Her kindness relays through us and on to others. Her kindness moves forward and lives on. She was the one who brought us together for the Last Star Collaboration and I’m so thankful that we all could finish it for her.”

Deande by wrriddle

“I hardly knew Nema/Thrall Lover. I’ve been chatting with her on discord a few times, I found her a very talented artist and I really liked her optimism and positivity. I was really sad when reading about her death and when I saw that there is a chance of her project failing because of the missing Deande, I felt like I had to at least try it.“

El Dragon by KrewlraiN

“As for this community piece, I heard of it through friends, as I missed the original thread due to being busy in life. I find it very difficult to draw for myself these days, so I took this as an opportunity to draw again and be a part of something very cool. I was one of the last to join up, so I asked Nema to assign me any character that was left over. I am not picky with who I draw, I just wanted to draw something for everyone. EEEEELL DRAAAGGGOOOOOOOON it is. It didn’t take me long to finish, as markers are very arthritic friendly.
I was, like everyone else, quite shocked to hear of the news of Nema’s passing. It was so sudden and took me a day to recollect my marbles from said shock… I’d like to give her family a big hug and my deepest condolences. I hope this collaboration will be a shining beacon to Nema’s memory.”

Ernest by Velus En

Galilea by N Brownlie

““All of us here honour your memory.”

Ghalt by Viking Skirts

“I would like to sincerely thank Nema for bringing a relatively small community together for something much bigger than we’ve seen before around here.”

ISIC by beya_exe

“Thank you for letting me share a few words. In fact, there would be so many words to say of the importance of this all. To me the Battleborn and its community have been an inspiring and life-changing experience. The players quickly became scarce, but those like-minded people who stayed bonded over the common love for the game, so much that we nicknamed ourselves “the Battlefamily”. I’ve never met as many kind hearted and talented people as I have here. As such, nothing made me happier or more proud than to represent myself as part of the community, and as the biggest fan to my favorite character, in this exquisite creative endeavor. I instantly was thrilled about Nema’s idea as it combined both the creative talent and the love and appreciation for Battleborn, and one could almost say poetically drawing parallels to the game itself – we were the few still left fighting, banding together to protect the universe. As colorful the cast of the characters in the game, so would be the banquet of different styles when 30 different artists cooperate.
What better way to cherish what the game and we are about than working together? And who else could have thought of this idea than Nema – the always cheerful, friend-to-all artist with remarkable skill and a big heart? Nema was always very real and honest, following her passions and radiating light around her. Her kindess and honesty inspired confidence. To me personally she was an important moral support. With her around I felt braver, we shared common interests and supported each other for that, and she was always a joy to talk to. Nema was a relatively new acquiantance, but nevertheless stood out as one of the most memorable. I owe her a lot. I will do my best to take what I have learned from her and pass it on so the world may never forget someone as unique as her.
It’s been very touching to see the determination to race the collab to the finish for her honor, and I’m so glad we are able to share it with the world. Everyone worked hard on it, and now it’s a collective memorial for a beloved community member and a friend. I’m proud to have been a part of this, and I’m sure Nema is proud of us too. On behalf of the community, thank you for everything you gave us, Nema.”

Kelvin by Sari Kettunen (Aka ShouKettu)

“I’m happy that I got to participate in this amazing project. Thank you, Nema.

To her family: I wish you all the best.”

Kid Ultra by Kait Shook

“This collab was a genuine delight to work on. It was amazing to see so many people put together such a wonderful project and Nema made it all possible. It’s upsetting that she’s gone but she was as bright and radiant as solus itself. She will always be remembered and loved by everyone in the battlefam.”

Kleese by TL_Kasteron

“The very idea for this collaboration really embodies the heart of this community, and honestly the game’s story as well: organizing 30 different artists to each draw their favorite character in their own style, for a piece that would bring together the character of the artists along with that of the, well, characters. I loved this as a challenge to draw Kleese in a way I hadn’t pushed myself to draw him before.
While I didn’t personally know Nema that well, from the interactions I did have with her and from what I saw on the various social media we shared, she was always a kind person with a lot of passion. Her art and way she could draw Thralls was impressive to me, with every drawing clearly showing the care and time she put into it. The world was better for having you, Nema, and you’ll be sorely missed.”

Marquis by GGFreak

“I can’t claim to have known Nema all that well. We talked here and there, we had good times with our shared love of battleborn, but when I heard the news, I was shaken to my core. During the entirety of this collab, I was struggling to even start making my piece, and Nema encouraged me all the way, having faith in me. I hope she’s proud of what this community has made, and that she knew what a wonderful person she was to everyone.”

Mellka by Beckett Mullen

Miko by Spoopy-Snek

“Nema was an amazing person and friend. I’ve never met anyone else like her and I’ve been so blessed to have got to know her and have the luck of being her friend. She was always so happy and the life of the party no matter what was going on. I’m so glad she invited me to be a part of this collaboration and I’m so honored to be able to do this for her. She is deeply, deeply missed and I am so sorry for your loss. I know these times are impossibly hard, but please stay strong.”

Montana by Kaitlin “Kilty” Edlund

“I really loved being a part of this community project. I’m so glad Nema could bring us all together for such a nifty little event celebrating our love for this game. The battleborn community lost a great member. We’ll all really miss her and her wonderful artwork. She always had such sweet things to say to all of us and about our art. I’ll always treasure the nice stuff she said to all of us artists on twitter!”

Orendi by MX (Aka madam233 )

Oscar Mike by StarZ

“I remember talking with Nema and Beya about how the idea of a community version of the Battleborn lithograph would be an amazing thing to see, as well as a testament to the communities love for the game. So when I heard that this was going to become a real thing, I was all kinds of hyped up. I luckily snagged my favourite character, Oscar Mike, early as I was following the announcement closely and I began my role.
Slowly as the other artists finished their selected characters I could tell this was going to look amazing. Everyone’s piece shows how much time, love and care they put into their characters and it was inspiring to see that to me. This community, “The BattleFamily”, Is one of the most beautiful communities I’ve seen and had the privilege to be a part of.
Nema, the head of this project, the one true pairing for Attikus and kind-hearted soul. I can only feel sadness for what happened. She didn’t deserve to go so soon. So I hope her family can make a swift recovery and try to live their lives to the fullest full of love and happiness. I’m sure Nema would want us all to be happy and continue doing what we love.

Rest in Peace Nema. As long as you are in our hearts, you aren’t truly gone.”

Pendles by pendles-is-friendles

“Nema was my best friend and I love her dearly. We chatted every morning and every night, just about life, Battleborn, and just whatever came to our minds. We exchanged art and characters and wove entire stories about the thrall, Pendles, and the Battleborn universe. We even made plans for me to move out to Texas so we could see each other in person and I was always so serious about those. I treasure every moment I had with her, whether we were playing games or just sitting in chat listening to each other talk to our cats. She was someone truly special on this earth and an inspiration to all who knew her; this art collaboration is only one scrap of the evidence of this. She pulled an entire community together for one single project. I will never forget her and I am blessed for having known her for what little time I was granted. I will cherish it always. Words can never describe how much she impacted my life in such a positive way just by existing. May she find peace and love among the stars.”

Phoebe by John-Charles Holmes

“I didn’t know Nema as well as a lot of the Battleborn community previously had, but I feel like I got a small sense of who she was by doing this collaboration. As a day one Battleborn player, the most dedicated members of the community were marked to me by their inviting nature, their enthusiasm, their sense of humor, and desire to share with others. And working briefly under Nema, I certainly got the same impression from her. I know Battleborn may not have been the biggest blip on the gaming radar, but I really hope the community coming together for this collab and to honor a fallen ally shows that more players of every game could learn to come together for the love of the game and each other as we have.”

Rath by Leaddybum

Reyna by Mizzy

“Nema was a bright star in the Battleborn community, as well as a dear friend to many. She was incomparable in terms of her positivity, good nature, and her ability to make everyone who knew her laugh. We all love her and miss her very much.”

Shayne & Aurox by neyzilla

“I didn’t plan on being a part of this at first, I honestly figured work would keep me too busy and I’d been dealing with a bad artistic rut so I just happily supported from the sidelines. A few weeks into it all Nema being the considerate person she was just asked me if I wanted to draw Shayne and Aurox, she said she’d low key put them as taken just in case I wanted to. I was beyond honored, she knows as well as anyone else in the community how much I love the two characters so I accepted. Her kind gesture rekindled my love for this game and everything having to do with it…she helped me get out of my bad headspace yet again. She was very keen on that to be honest, she always made herself available to anyone who needed it. She was honestly a one of a kind friend, I will never forget.”

Thorn by Nicholas Brewer

“Nema was a passionate artist and an avid gamer. She was a lover of memes and cats, unrelated if you can believe it. She was someone who’d eat her breakfast slower than it took her to finish a picture at times. She was someone who would put her friends on speakerphone in front of her mother without telling them she could hear every swear. She was someone who moved exactly as fast as she had to, no more and no less. Above all else, though, she was a damn amazing friend who I loved so very dearly, and managed to make every quality about her seem endearing and never anything less.
I could always go to Nema to talk about something, whether it was just something funny I wanted to share or I was suffering an emotional breakdown, and you can bet she’d set aside the time to talk to me. That’s just the kind of person she was, putting others before herself, and it was admirable. From the first day I met her she was always a bright and shining person that stood out, and as time went by she cemented herself as the best friend I’d ever had, and likely ever will have. To say she was a treasure still feels like an understatement; my words don’t do her justice.
Nema, I’ll never forget your smile, your laugh, your kind words… There’s not a chance I’ll forget a thing about you. I hope that wherever you are now, you are the happiest you could ever possibly be. You deserve it. I’m not one to believe in the afterlife, but you make me hope I’m wrong so that, someday, I might see you again. I love you, Nema, so damn much, and I miss you just as much.”

Toby by Tesh

“I was really excited to do this project with Nema and everyone else, there’s so many great artists in this fandom and I thought it was so cool that Nema wanted to bring people together to recreate the lithograph piece. Though we weren’t close friends Nema was still a friend to me and I was more than happy to do this project with her and other people, it’s heart breaking she’s gone but I’m so happy we still came together to finish this in her memory.”

Whiskey Foxtrot by Gr33dsama

“The collaboration piece, I guess just I’m glad to have been involved with such a bold project, and that I’m happy Nema let me be a part of it. She was always very understanding and encouraging when I needed it most.”


This looks absolutely amazing, and mad props to all of the Battleborn community artists that got together- not unlike the Battleborn themselves -for what is easily the most badass piece of art ever submitted to these forums!


Surely one of the greatest events to unite the community for sure.

Nema will be dearly missed by all, I’m glad her last project was finished rather than left to be forgotten.


Mind if I link it to reddit?


By all means, share away. This art is something Nema would have wanted every fan of Battleborn to see.


This is all wonderful! I can’t believe how great this community is!
I am sure Nema would of been proud… we all miss her already



I can’t be the only one who’s a mess after reading those artists’ comments… I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than the Battleborn community, barely even seen art as beautiful as this collab. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

@NicolaiB_92 A heartfelt thank you for taking over the project and finishing it.

I’m having trouble finding the words, I’ve been floored by this.

Posted it on Twitter.


This is beautiful…I’m speechless. It’s amazing how Nema brought all these artists together, each with their own unique style, to come together and create this. This truly shows how close the community is. She would be happy and proud.


It’s so beautiful. I’m so glad to see it done. This is absolutely wonderful.


This is amazing and moving. I can’t wait to dig into this thread, explore the artwork, and read about Nema.

You guys are all an amazing community. <3


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gaming community come together to do something quite like this. It’s a testament to how special Battleborn is, how special Nema is, and how special each and every fan of Battleborn is.


Damn straight!


Damn onion-cutting ninjas… Anyone want to hold flippers? I mean… We don’t HAVE to, but…

N-Nevermind… I love you guys, but not in a weird way! BATTLEFAMILY FOR LIFE!!


This is absolutely incredible, everyone. What a touching gesture for Nema. This community is truly inspiring!


My Optics Appear to be Leeking Aswell.

The Construction is Complete.

Is Beautiful.

(Yup totally teared up reading those artist comments T_T)


Though he doesn’t have an account here, Zahzumafoo/LemurBorn has reached out to me with some kind words of their own, as well as a beautiful commemorative piece of art, and I wanted to share them with you all.

I was among those that didn’t know Nema very personally (despite this being a small community, it’s still large enough in its own rights!), but we still followed each-other and had the occasional interaction!
Her presence was definitely felt by me, along with the rest of the community, as was her lasting enthusiasm for her favorite character: Atticus! I always loved how passionate she was about him; one of the best parts about BB was always the fact that every character was loved by SOMEONE, and Nema’s fondness for that big-hearted Thrall always made me so happy!
I figure it would only be appropriate to draw something of him, in her memory – along with the growing hibiscus Nema was always so fond of showing photos of, on her Twitter.
My heart aches with her loss, especially while she was so close to the conclusion of the community project she’d worked so hard on. I’m so thankful that everyone was able to come together to see it to completion (though I’m still incredibly saddened that I was too late to join it!)
I hope she’s able to rest easy, among Atticus & the stars. :purple_heart:
~ Zahzumafoo/LemurBorn


A single gravestone glows in the moonlight. A large figure approaches, his feet crunching against the freshly fallen autumn leaves. He stops and leans forward in the darkness, revealing his face. He stands silently for a time, then feels the urge to speak against his better judgment.

I wish I had words.

You’d think with all the practice I’ve had since the rebellions I’d be able to say something.

But the words just don’t seem adequate, and I’m sorry.

You deserved more words. You deserved to be defined in intricate detail, every trait, every action, every perfection and imperfection defined and catalogued in the new archives on Ekkunar.

But they’d just be words. They wouldn’t be you.

I can’t reconstruct you with words.

Attikus kneels and digs a small hole next to the gravestone. From his satchel, he produces a Jennerit fire blossom. He plants it, then looks down at his work with a grimace.

Still not adequate. But at least it makes this Jennerit dirt field more beautiful.

Attikus stands and stares at the grave for a while. He turns. Deande watches him from the gates to the cemetery. He nods. She walks in slowly and respectfully holding another Jennerit fire blossom and without a word, digs a hole and plants it right next to his. She stands and turns to Attikus with a tear in her eye. She closes her eyes, wipes the tear, and steps back next to him. Silently, the other Battleborn each enter in turn and plant a flower next to the grave. Benedict steps forward and opens his mouth.

Alright, y’all, so I call this…

Reyna, Ghalt, and Deande all shoot him an icy death glare and he immediately shuts his mouth, plants the flower, steps back, and joins the others in silence. Slowly, they depart, but Attikus and Deande stand alone for a long while, just staring at the grave until sunrise. As the freshly planted blossoms gleam in the light of the new dawn, Attikus speaks again.

It’s not her. But it is beautiful.

Deande nods. She takes him by the hand and they slowly walk away, leaving 30 flowers sitting in the morning sun next to a gravestone for Nema.


That was extremely eloquent, and very moving. Well said.


In the same vein, any objections to me sharing this on the Gearbox channels?


Not only do I not have any objections, I’m glad that you would do so. Nema would have wanted everyone to see this, and so do I. Thank you very much.

@MereAtGBX I forgot to reply directly to your message.