Last three achievements on Bloody Harvest

I can’t find any golden skulls that with drop any of the weapons that are needed in the last three achievements.

I’ve played on a Mayhem ten level and have killed Caption Haunt numerous times.

I need:

  • Fearmonger Shotgun
  • Stalker Sniper Rifle
  • Ghast Call Grenade
  • Scream of Terror Shield

Is that a trade request? What platform are you on?

You need a weapon to unlock the challegne for killing Haunt with BH gear, so Fearmonger or Stalker.

I’m on PS4. How do you get those weapons?

From Haunt or Loot Ghosts. If you have DLC1 you can farm Loot Ghosts over Scraptrap Nest, it’s the easiest way.

Moved to correct section.

I’ve got all the DLC. Let’s see the 1st one would be … Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot?

Yup, Jackpot is the DLC1.

I just got one gold skull but no weapon yet. Would the weapons be orange?

Yes, all BH gear is legendary rarity. Just keep farming them without save&quit.

Thanks for the help.

I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

Actually, any gun with a Terror anoint will clear this quest. I did it with an Infinity.


Weird, it didn’t worked for me with any terror weapon. And I think I didn’t had any extra element or other instances of damage.

I can confirm too that any terror anointed weapon clears the challenge. For the “Loot a BH legendary” challenge you actually need, not just to pick up a BH legendary item, but also equip it, and that completes the challenge. This might be a bit confusing challenge, so I thought I also write it down.