Last week before launch. Last thoughts?

So we’ve got roughly 6 days left til the fateful release kiddos (for most countries :disappointed_relieved:). Anyone have any last thoughts on the game? Story theories? Character preferences (and why)? PvP vs PvE preference? Favorite PvP mode? System preference (and why?) I’m really curious about the community as a whole and where people stand.

For instance, I’ve always been terrible at PvP in games so I’ll probably stick with the story missions for the most part even if I totally dig on Meltdown. I also would have gotten the game on Steam, but my frame rate would be atrocious.

Even if you stink at PVP you can play the objectives and still be a use to the team. Or you can even run a support/healer and be very useful.

I’m figuring out how to balance life responsibilities and a still dump a ton of time into this title. Being an older gamer is rough


Besides trying to figure out how to travel forward in time not many last thoughts really. I’ve gotten two tastes of what’s to come and it’s only made me hungrier. Gimme the main course, Gearbox! ArmoredElder hungers…

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Last thoughts…i want it now!!!

Other than that just planning release party. Miko cupcakes, a toby cheeseball, crackers shaped like symbols from game! So much work to do.

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I’m curious to see where the story ends and what situation that would setup for a potential sequel one day (I know, thinking too far ahead). Story always matters to me.

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This. It’s so true. I don’t play mp shooters, don’t like MOBAs, and generally avoid anything pvp related, but I had a great time during the beta playing pvp even though I didn’t do so hot in most matches.

Make sure to at least give it a try. You may like it more than you expect.

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I hate release dates that are not internationaly converted to each country.
If Battleborn is coming out on the 3rd in the usa that means its not released on the Third in australia
or New Zealand at all. For us Battleborn will come out on 4th.
It’s like because the USA live one day behind us they can tell the rest of the plannet lies based on where they live.
Gearbox should not stick to this long term pettern, When Gearbox says a game will come out on a Date It should be playable on that date when it is that date no matter where we live on the plannet.
Its compleaty wrong people have to wait up to a full day on release date just to wait for the rest of the plannet to wake up.
Australians have had kids cryng because they was sent to bed on release date only to learn they can play there game the next day.
This systerm is not just and its not right at all.

Sound like some spoiled kids… I mean it’s one day. I get what you mean overall, but ultimately you want the game on the same exact date that the US gets it which would lead to you playing it before the US. The US is a bigger economic force and therefore to avoid spoiling anything they let it release here first; I doubt that’ll ever change. I suppose a compromise would be for them to give it a separate release date for Australia but almost every game I only see release dates for North America, Europe and Japan.

My last thought on this is:

“Is it May the third yet?”


TT___TT it’s seven days away. so close, so far.

I really hope they fixed the crashes at the start of a pvp match and am a little upset that the did not comment on such a heavy bug that has so many reports in this forum alone, there was barely any response after the open beta about anything they change to the release.

You state this yet you are forgetting companies dont release it for one set of contries sooner than the othwr because they wanna release it on the same time as everyone even if it happens to be a day later for new zealand and australia its because they want everyone to start initially together if australian games get it the day before they already have a days worth of play and have an advantage.

You know, this game’s PvP isn’t really about seeking enemies and destroying them. Obviously, you can, cause duh, but there is an objective. So, you don’t have to be an aggressive player to play PvP, you can just focus on guiding, defending the minions. You can also use a support character, meaning you can just heal teammate while they get the kill.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t shut down PvP just because you aren’t the best in other games, try it on a role where you aren’t force to get kills, or you feel comfortable. I for one, didn’t want to play PvP because in other games -cough-Destiny-cough- everytime I was on a streak, I’d get bombarded with messages saying I was hacking, when I was having a bad games, I’d get called scrub. The messages didn’t really bother me but playing PvE felt less stressful than PvP.

Anyway, those are my two cents. I really like the PvP side of Battleborn. Incursion is definitely my favorite mode since it makes me feel back on League.

I feel as though there should be some clarification: I’m not trying to dis PvP so I’m sorry if it came off that way. I tend to have more fun playing PvE in video games. I’m still going to play PvP and will most likely enjoy it a great deal, but I’ll probably be more inclined to play campaign more often because it offers an atmosphere I personally enjoy more.

So if my maths are correct us Aussies get to play start playing at 2pm on the 3rd?

If I die for some reason before May 3rd I’m going to be super pissed off

My last thoughts…

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Depends what US time zone they use. I suspect Pacific time to be used like they did with beta.

my ps4 says it’s 3 days 8 hours away. for reference it’s 2:47 at gmt-6 so im guessing midnight play is a thing.

It is completely fair. Everyone gets to play the game at the same time (assuming you bought digital) And besides, the company is based in USA and therefore they cater to the USA market and audience. If you want a game ahead of the rest of the world, then start your own gaming co. in your country and release your game based on your countries’ timezone. Not the rest of the worlds fault that Australia doesn’t have a gaming industry.