Last Wishes for a Last Update

This thread will have the same function as @MeltintheSun’s thread about Borderlands and @DSs’s thread about Borderlands 2, but for Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel!

For the people who don’t know the aforementioned threads, their aim is to bring Gearbox’s attention to some issues still present in the game, in the hope that these will be addressed in a future patch/remastered edition.
In my opinion, this hope is not so unrealistic for this game either, considering that several hotfixes (including the one that makes five previously unobtainable or shift-locked items obtainable in game) are still active.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of some more or less important problems with Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel!

Vanilla Game


General Balancing

  • The Cradle is almost useless as it stands right now. It needs either a huge buff in damage to the grenade it throws after being depleted, or an overall stat rebalance (especially to the recharge delay) to be more on par with non-unique Tediore shields.

  • The increase in accuracy, the removal of recoil and the addition of shock damage to the Zarpedon’s Cyber Eagle do not make up for the loss in magazine size and the huge decrease in damage. Either its damage should be buffed (maybe reduced only by 20% compared to an Iron?) or it should be given a bigger critical hit damage multiplier.

  • The increased projectile count on the Smasher does not justify the excessive ammo consuption (3 ammo per trigger pull), considering that the Maggie shoots 6 projectiles per shot while still consuming 1 ammo for every pull of the trigger. It would be appreciated if it was reduced to at least two ammo per shot.

I also warmly recommend giving a look at this in-development Youtube playlist, which focuses on the red text guns present in Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel, their issues and how to possibly fix them.


  • Maliwan Nova Shields that grant immunity to freezing erroneously have the Grounded prefix (which would mean that the shield grants immunity to electrocute damage) instead of the correct (Warming) prefix. Here and here are a couple of examples.

  • The money inside of the care packages dropped by the 3DD1.E does not scale (just like the money dropped by the Pot o’ Gold in Borderlands 2), so once picked up it will always give one or two dollars at most, regardless of the item’s level.

  • If you shoot your free rocket with a Vladof rocket launcher, then swap to another weapon and finally swap back to your rocket launcher, the next shot you are going to fire will still not consume ammo. This process can be repeated over and over again without ever consuming rockets (here is a demonstration).

  • In the Italian version of the game, the Storm class mod for Athena says “+shock resistance” instead of “+shock damage”. This can lead to some confusion.

  • The Supernova’s quite buggy. First off, it can spawn with four different materials (common, uncommon, rare and epic) and, depending on which it spawns with, its stats can even be altered (here is a demonstration). Furthermore, when it spawns with an uncommon material, it erroneously displays a magenta rarity (just like e-tech weapons from Borderlands 2).

  • The Deadly Bloom always spawns as a purple shield despite being legendary (just like in Borderlands 2).

  • Old Hyperion weapons (except for lasers) do not get matching parts bonuses: they neither receive a bonus to reload speed or magazine size when having an Hyperion grip or get a bonus to damage when spawning with an Hyperion barrel. Here is a thread where the issue is more deeply discussed and analyzed. Fixing this bug would allow for more competition between new and old Hyperion weapons (which are currently pretty underused) as well as making weapons like the Omni-Cannon, RedBelly’s Black Snake and the Cheat Code much more viable.

  • The Vibra Pulse’s extra shock tethers can get orphaned and last forever in the environment until the player leaves the area (here is a demonstration). They’re not only visually annoying, but also really noisy when you get near them. The special chain lightning effect of the Vibra Pulse can also transfer to other Maliwan beam lasers whether the Moxxi weapon is equipped or just in your inventory (here is a demonstration).

  • The Ice Scream’s special sound effect might play even when you are firing another Vladof assault rifle with the Vladof spinigun barrel, whether the Ice Scream is equipped or just in your inventory. Apparently, this can happen even if the Ice Scream is only in your bank, if you are in an area with a bank present (Concordia, Deck 13 ½ and the Cortex).


  • It would be cool if unique weapons with missing unique skins (such as the Fridgia, the Torguemada, Marek’s Mouth, the Bullpup, the Boganella, Miss Moxxi’s Slammer, the Asteroid Belt, the Haymaker and the Rapid Release) had one.

  • The Flyin’ Maiden is not legitimately obtainable in game.

  • Completing the quest The Bestest Story Ever Told rewards you with the Frostfire in Normal Mode and with a head in True and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. It would be cool to be able to obtain this SMG even at max level, since there is no point in obtaining the same head more than once.

  • Many red text weapons (specifically the 88 Fragnum, Logan’s Gun, the Maggie, the Shooterang, the Hammer Buster II, the Major Tom, the Shredifier, the Cat o’ Nine Tails, the Min Min Lighter, the Badaboom, the Mongol, Sledge’s Shotty, the Viral Marketer, the HellFire, the Invader, the Magma, the Pitchfork, the Celestial class mods, the Bouncing Bazza, the Fire Bee, the Leech, the Nasty Surprise, the Pandemic, the Rolling Thunder, the Storm Front, the Avalanche, the Bigg Thumppr, the Fabled Tortoise, the Kala, the Reogenator, The Cradle, The Sham, the Whisky Tango Foxtrot, the Deadly Bloom, the Boomacorn, The Machine, the Ol’ Painful and the Jack o’ Cannon) do not have a specific drop source. Since many bosses and unique enemies aren’t associated with unique drops, we could hit two birds with one stone and assign them some of the aforementioned weapons.

Here's an hypothetical "chart" (as reported in post #46) of how these unique drops could be shuffled around/reassigned.

88 Fragnum: Phuper Phonic Kraggon
Logan’s Gun: […]
Maggie: Oscar
Shooterang: Fair Dinkum
Hammer Buster II: Maureen *
Major Tom: Badass Lost Legion Marine
Shredifier: Meat Head
Cat o’ Nine Tails: Badass Shuggurath
Min Min Lighter: Swagman
Badaboom: Badass (lil’) Outlaw
Mongol: Poop Deck*Sledge’s Shotty: Badass (lil’) Scav
Viral Marketer: Badass Boil
Hellfire: Son of Flamey
Invader: Lunestalker Senior
Magma: Magma Rivers
Pitchfork: RK-5
Celestial class mods: Chubby Stalker (guaranteed)
Bouncing Bazza: Tork Goddess
Fire Bee: Scavenger Beast *
Leech: Wally Wrong
Nasty Surprise: Badass Rathyd
Pandemic: Lazlo
Rolling Thunder: […]
Storm Front: Deadlift
Avalanche: Rabid AdamsBigg Thumppr: Badass (lil’) Lunatic
Fabled Tortoise: […]
Flyin’ Maiden: Dan Zando *
Kala: Badass Stalker
Reogenator: Red
The Cradle: […]
The Sham: Opha Superior
Whisky Tango Foxtrot: […]
Deadly Bloom: Fallen ReaperBoomacorn: Deadlift
The Machine: RK-5
Ol’ Painful: Son of Flamey
Jack o’ Cannon: Rabid Stalkers
Bullpup: Tork Leviathan
Smasher: Tork Augur
*=currently unrespawnable

  • It would be cool if the Punisher luneshine effect (+10% critical hit damage) could not spawn on weapons incapable of scoring critical hits (rocket launchers, assault rifles with Torgue barrels, the Jack o’ Cannon, the Boomacorn, the Min Min Lighter, the Logan’s Gun etc.), since it could only benefit a Lawbringer specced in Tombstone.

  • The Harden Up luneshine effect (+3% maximum shield on kill) is a bit shy, would increasing it to 10% really make it broken?

  • Would it be possible to allow the melee accessory to spawn even on Maliwan, Dahl and Tediore lasers?

Character Specific Issues


  • Sometimes, Athena’s Aspis will become transparent while you are holding it; I’m unsure about the cause of this glitch (maybe it’s triggered by repeatedly attacking an enemy with melee while the Aspis is active?).

  • The radius of Epicenter is too tiny, being as large as that of a normal butt slam. If making it the same size as that of Polar Vortex or of a Singularity Grenade is considered too unbalanced, maybe the skill could also slightly reduce your slam damage as a trade-off for the increased radius.

  • Damage dealt by You’ve Got Red On You scales poorly.

  • In the Italian version of the game, the skill Mercurial is called “Mercurial” when viewed in the skill tree, but it is called “Vivace” on the class mods’ text.

  • Hades’ Shackles’ damage is kind of lackluster being a capstone; it could use a little buff.


  • Apparently, One Last Thing’s bonus damage has become additive since the 10/29/2015 update (here are more info and a demonstration); until then it used to be multiplicative. Now, I am not complaining about this change, since the skill is still powerful, but I’m unsure whether it was intentional or not.

  • Hyperion Punch needs several tweaks to make it worth speccing into (considering that incendiary damage is resisted by enemies in most scenarios, that it is a tier five skill and that it has to compete with One Last Thing): reduce the time before the actual punch is thrown after pressing the melee button, increase the punch’s flight speed, buff its explosion radius and considerably increase its damage.

  • Sometimes the decorations present on Claptrap’s body while an action package is running (for example the cowboy hat that is applied during One Shot Wonder) will get stuck and stay on Claptrap’s body even when the action skill duration ends or another one is running. In order to remove them, it’s necessary to save and quit.

  • Sometimes the double bars that show the ammo present in the chamber of your equipped weapon during Funzerker (the purple ones similar to those that Nisha displays when she’s holding a pistol while being specced into One For Each of Ya) will get stuck and be displayed even after Funzerker ends. In order to remove them, it is necessary to save and quit.

  • If you melee-cancel the reloading animation of your weapon or throw a grenade as soon as the Funzerker action package ends, Claptrap won’t use his left hand for the rest of the session. So, when you reload, the old loader flies out of the weapon before the new one flies into it. Also, the melee animation will still be performed, but it won’t be visible. Click here, here or here for more demonstrations.


  • Wanted’s bonus damage scales poorly.

  • Let Snap Shot increase accuracy and not max accuracy.

  • Gunslinger is useless, maybe this could be fixed by making the added projectiles free (therefore not making it work with rocket launchers) and letting this skill trigger reload related skills (namely Hell’s Comin’ With Me! and Quick Shot).

  • Nisha’s default melee animation is too slow.

  • While a Lawbringer specced into One For Each of Ya is in a Moon Zoomy’s menu asshe’s holding a pistol, her body will be in a very awkward position when viewed by other players.

  • If a Lawbringer specced into One For Each of Ya touches the pole at the center of Eleseer to enter The Vault of the Sentinel while holding a pistol, up until you save and quite she won’t use her right hand to hold any weapon other than a pistol. She also will not be using it to reload, so the empty loader will fly out of the weapon and the new one into it (here is a demonstration).


  • Killswitch…is not that good, but there are many possible ways to make it better: buff its explosive damage, increase the blast radius, let its damage be increased by Rolling Thunder, remove the self-damage or all of the above.

  • Cold War does not function properly: this skill has a chance to proc only when a DOT procs on an enemy that is already suffering from a DOT of a different element. Furthermore, corrosive dots caused by Venom Bolts cannot proc Cold War, and will prevent other corrosive dots from doing it while they’re active on the same enemy (here’s more information).

  • Omega Strike’s explosive damage is kind of lackluster being it a capstone. It also does not get boosted by Rolling Thunder.

  • Meteor Slam is totally out of place in its tier. It should, at least, increase slam damage alongside with radius to be worth speccing into.

  • The shock tethers caused by Termination Protocol could use a buff in damage.

  • Explosive damage dealt by Kinetic Armor is almost unnoticeable.

  • If you activate Wolf and Saint while being specced into Rolling Thunder, and then (manually?) travel to another area, the next time you activate Wolf and Saint you will still have the stacks you gained before travelling. This can be done again and again up to 999 stacks of Rolling Thunder (here are more info and a demonstration).


  • As of the 3/24/2015 update, normal digi-Jacks do not deal crazy amounts of damage once their shield becomes depleted when the player is specced into You Have My Shield and is wearing a roid shield anymore. Despite this, badass digi-Jacks’ attacks (apparently, both the wrist laser and the missile barrage) still deal huge damage when the said circumstances arise (here’s a demonstration).

  • Since the spread of Diversify is pretty wide (and that this can sometimes actually lead to an overall reduction of your digi-Jacks’ DPS), it would be beneficial if instead, once specced into this skill, the melee attack of your digi-Jacks got replaced by it.

  • If you press the melee button to trigger Merger and then quickly activate Expendable Assets, you will be firing your wrist laser forever (here are more info and demonstration).


  • If a Baroness wielding a sniper rifle with a fire rate of approximately 9 or higher shoots at an enemy fully automatically while being specced into I Never Miss, the stacks of said skill won’t be registered correctly. Specifically, the stacks that you will get will not be as many as the number of shots you landed on a target, like if the stack counter could not keep up with your fire rate.


  • You will not be able to take the gyroscope if you try to do it in the same session as the one you accepted No Such Thing As a Free Launchin. In order to grab it, you need to save and quit first.


  • Rank five of the Crouch Potato challenge (kill 3200 enemies with an assault rifle while crouched) is exaggeratedly time consuming to achieve.

  • Rank five of the That Was Unpleasant challenge (kill 750 Shuggurath) is exaggeratedly time consuming to achieve.


  • The matching element multipliers do not apply properly in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. They, in fact, do not change between True and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode: so fire against flesh still has a 1.75 multiplier (instead of the supposed 2.0 multiplier), corrosive against armor has a 1.75 multiplier (instead of the supposed 2.0) and shock against shield has a 2.5 multiplier (instead of the supposed 2.75). Here is a chart that shows exactly how the element multipliers should apply across the different playthroughs.

  • Apparently, if you deal considerable damage to Felicity Rampant without damaging her legs, her eye will still be registered as a critical hit spot, but it will not receive additional damage compared to the rest of the body.

  • Meteors tend to disappear instead of staying on the ground if the player sees them falling from space.

  • If the Scavenger Beast in Outlands Spur was made respawnable, a unique drop could be attached to it.

  • Making Poop Deck respawnable would render acquiring a level 70 Cathartic Oz Kit much easier. By doing so, another unique drop could also be attached to him.

  • I do not really see the necessity for items below level 70 to drop in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode when only level 70 players are present. It is really aggrovating to come across a rare item just to find out that it is level 68 because reasons.

  • If Maureen (from the Wherefore Art Thou? quest) in Triton Flats was made respawnable, then a unique drop could be attached to her.

  • Every time you enter the Titan Industrial Facility, a Felicity’s voice line plays, even after she is killed.

  • It would be more time efficient if the game saved the vehicle weapon preference, so that those who don’t always use the default weapon didn’t have to de-select it every time.

  • If you hit a Shuggurath with your Stingray while boosting, the enemy will suffer from a ragdoll glitch and…basically fly out of the map (here is a demonstration).

  • Would it be possible to add an option for Moon Stones to be automatically picked up?

  • If the Badass Kraggon before the Pity’s Fall entrance was made respawnable, farming for the Four Seasons would be much easier.

  • After level 50 (and especially level 60), the game becomes incredibly stingy in terms of XP, making reaching level 70 a long, long, long deal.

The Holodome Onslaught

  • Add the Quasar to Powersuit Felicity’s loot pool…or at least give her a loot pool!

  • It would be cool if a quick change station was present in the area, since there is one in every dlc campaign in both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel!

The Claptastic Voyage

  • In the Cortex, there are two non-solid walls: one near the quick change station and the bank, the other near the vending machines.Furthermore, going through the last one I mentioned, can allow you to get back in the Mutator Arena and continue to fight (thus not failing the quest) if you’re playing in co-op.

  • Old Hyperion glitch weapons’ stats are completely the same as those of new Hyperion glitch weapons, apart from the matching parts bug, which makes old Hyperion glitch weapons always objectively worse.

  • Old Hyperion glitch sniper rifles do not exist.

  • Apparently, after completing the quest The Temple of Boom and siding with Gladstone, Claptrap’s Consciousness’ voice line that plays when you turn the mission in will play again every time you enter the Subconscious.

  • It would be appreciated if Spy Bugs decloaked more often or had some sort of shimmer like Stalkers or Hyperion Infiltrators do since, differently from the mentioned enemies, they move in a 3D plane.

  • If you swap from a glitch Jakobs sniper rifle with the Loop glitch active to another weapon, and then quickly swap back to the sniper rifle, the Loop glitch will be applied to every single weapon you equip (here are more info and demonstration).

  • The fact that this dlc’s barrels respawn makes the player feel unsafe when proceeding through the battlefield, making him/her always check every corner before advancing. Now, I am not saying that barrel regeneration should be removed (because it seems an unlikely thing to happen), but maybe their refreshing rate could be slowed down a little? Perhaps around the same retreading time as volatile bits?

  • When shooting at the Denial Subroutine as Nisha while Showdown is running, the cross air will be locked on the base of the enemy’s body and not on his eyes (its critical hit spot). This can make the fight much longer and ammo consuming.

  • If you have the quest “1337 h4x0rz” in your mission log in a failed status when entering the game, once in the Cortex you will only see two glitch chests when no mutator is selected, and you will not receive any final loot regardless of the mutators you had previously chosen.

  • The Decommissioned Loader in Deck 13 ½ does not have any critical hit spots.

  • It would be really useful if a quick change station was present in Deck 13 1/2, near the target dummies. This would make testing different builds and skills much more practical.

  • I do not see a reason in not allowing players to get near the target dummies in Deck 13 ½. Removing the invisible walls that prevent you from doing so would allow players to test melee damage, low accuracy weapons and multi projectile weapons more efficiently.

  • Sometimes, enemies inside of The Cortex will spawn (or teleport, in 5H4D0W-TP’s case) inside of walls and structures. In particular, Bugs will sometimes get stuck in the ceiling where the swirling vortex cloud is. This glitch can eventually lead to the incapability to complete the quest.

  • At the center of The Cortex, around the pole in the middle of the arena, there is an invisible wall that blocks you and your bullets but not your enemies. So, if an enemy goes there, you won’t be able to harm him until he decides to get out. Furthermore, loot dropped beyond this invisible wall is often impossible to pick up.

  • EOS cannot be painted by Laser Guided.

  • If you go in Fight for Your Life mode during the “1337 h4x0rz” mission while having the Vampires mutator active, you won’t get your health replenished once you manage to get out of it by killing an enemy.

What You Can Do to Support this Thread

Report everything you think should be fixed or changed inside of Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel (provided it is reasonable). We will discuss it and then eventually add it to the original post.

Report any mistake inside of the thread (grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, misconceptions, reports of already fixed bugs etc.).

Post screenshots or videos regarding reported bugs without linked resources.

Is there anything you agree or disagree with inside of the thread that you would like to discuss? Go ahead!

Credits To:

@MeltintheSun for his thread about the current issues with Borderlands. Check it out here.
@DSs for his thread about the current issues with Borderlands 2. Check it out here.
@Chuck80, for encouraging me to open this thread and for reporting to the community some of the bugs present in this post. Check out his guide about Nisha’s skill trees here.
@Derch, for his awesome “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” playlist. Check it out here.
@Joltzdude139, for his video content. Check out his Youtube channel here.
@khimerakiller, for his video content. Check out his Youtube channel here.
@Sljm, for his thread about the use of colors in the New Forums. Check it out here.
Admiral Bahroo, for his video content. Check out his channel here.
Morninafterkill, for his video featuring Nisha’s left hand glitch. Check out his channel here.
@somebody248d, for his thread about the behavior of Cold War. Check it out here.
@Hoyle4, for his thread about the glitches regarding old Hyperion weapons. Check it out here.


For this item I’d like to argue that it is ment to switch from to a diffirent weapon to make the projectile explode.
I personally never considered it a direct fire weapon.

I remember this being a quirk in the engine that couldn’t be fixed in BL2. So I doubt it would be any diffrent in TPS.

Huge bugbear of mine.

Same argument applies as in BL2; if it is not at your level, it is just bad luck.

Consiering we are talking about Claptrap, it may have been intentional.

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Long @ss list, a lot of which unrealistic and/or unwarranted, but I do want my old Hyperions fixed. Also the Glitched old Hyp bug isn’t properly documented in that video,the issue is that Glitched old Hyperion weapons are functionally identical to new Hyperion (barring the matching manufacturer bug…soo objectively worse).

  • Old Hyperion glitch snipers don’t even exsist.
  • The Miss Moxxi’s Slammer, Asteroid Belt, Haymaker, and Rapid Release don’t have unique skins.
  • The UVHM matching element buff is still not applying properly.
  • The Maliwan nova shield that is immune to cryo DoTs has the prefix of Grounded when it should be warming.
  • A door from Tycho’s Ribs to RK5’s arena would be nice since there is already a door from RK5’s arena to Tycho’s Ribs (one way currently).
  • Wilhelm’s skill “Laser Guided” can’t target EOS.
  • Personal issue. I’d like the SpyBug’s to decloak more often or have a slight shimmer effect like Stalkers do. As it is extremely hard to hit them since they travel on a 3D plane, unlike Stalkers/Dahl shotgun dudes.

The Longnail can’t spawn with luneshines.

This is fixed.

He has 3 hit boxes so you get 3 novas, but it still only effects the currently active face.

  • Her skill Frigid Touch (at least for me) some times does not heal me when I deal cryo deal with the skill active.
  • Scoring critical hits or body shots to quickly in succession with a sniper causes Aurelia’s skill “I Never Miss” to often not give you a stack when you should get two/one. (video)
  • Not an Aurelia thing, but on that video is also… Felicity Rampant’s critical hit spot often becomes undamage-able part way through the fight. While still “hit-able” in that skills like “I Never Miss” and “Culling the Herd” still activate or the Plunkett’s special effect still activates, Felicity takes no critical damage regardless. My guess is that I lower her health so much without damaging her legs, that she glitches out.

You repeated this twice.

Personally I and some others think this is an actual feature seeing as its the “Denial” Subroutine’s arena.

This is also true for Eclipse.

And one in the Holodome, seeing as every DLC in BL2 has one. But the Holodome doesn’t.

Happens to me and others too. Also sometimes Bugs get caught in the ceiling where the swirling vortex cloud is.

The rate is fine, the problem is you don’t get full health after killing something to get out of FFYL. (video)

I’m sure there will be more in the future. Nice job, but like Hoyle said most are impossible. Namely the fast travel ones, seeing as they couldn’t even change the one next to Zarpadon into a 2 way fast travel to make her refarmable (I know it is gone in the lore, but Shadow-tp is suppose to be dead too and he respawns 3 times!)

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When Craptrap gets the funzerker action skill, I would melee constantly to save ammo. this makes his left arm disappear just like you described with Nisha. think it happened once when I threw a grenade right before it ended also but I might have accidentally punched. haven’t tried to repeat it. happens most of the time when I melee through it though. the glitch muckamuck thing happens with all jakobs snipers with the loop glitch, not just muckamucks. There’s a few issues mentioned in this thread that I hope Gearbox takes a look at, but they would have to read through all the “wants” to find the “needs” to be fixed.

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Wow, thanks everybody for the feedback!

Mh, interesting; consider it removed, I am curious to try this out with Jack (considering his fire rate and weapon swap speed buffs)

I remembered Gearbox saying this about the Pimpernel, and I suspected it was the same thing with the Flakker (since it’s basically the same glitch). Consider it removed.

Actually, I have just now found out that this is an X-Box 360 specific issue. I am referring to the ammo tubes: when you press the button to open them, they will make the right sound and some dust will wear off of them, but their lid won’t fly away, even though you will be able to pick the ammo inside of them. Oh well, since it is not really anything major and is only bound to one system, consider it removed.

I know, but consider that many things are already being removed and that it is still a work in progress; I will try to make it more readable. Some threads also have links after every heading that allow you to go back to the top of the OP, but I do not know how to implement them. That would make the list easier to navigate through…

Ehm, could you be a bit more specific? Every criticism is welcome, and, as I mentioned in the final section, the thread is still in a raw stage.

Oh, got it. Consider the information in the OP corrected. Also, do you think that the link to that video should be removed (to avoid confusion)?

Well, that is something I didn’t know, consider it added.

They were originally supposed to be in the OP, but they apparently got removed for some reason…
Consider them added.

I’m not informed about this, what do you exactly mean?

Yeah, I remember someone mentioning it on the forums. I’ll add it and see if I can find a picture of it.

Well, the door that allows you to access the tunnel containing the luneshine chest and the door to Tycho’s Ribs remains closed until you defeat RK-5, so I am not sure about how well that would work out…

I didn’t know that (I don’t play much Wilhelm); consider it added.

When the dlc first came out, I actually thought that the minimap was bugged, showing imaginary enemies… Usually I kill them spamming shots with the Viral Marketer, since not even Showdown works with them. Consider it added.

I should’ve deduced it, since it always spawns with two accessories. Consider it removed.

I gave up trying to test it, so I jus assumed it hadn’t been patched. Consider it removed.

What do you exactly mean with the currently active face?

Mh, I’ll have to test this, thank for reporting it!

Damn, I even remember testing this, but I forgot because I am too smart!
Seriously though, if I’m not mistaken, this starts to happen when you go beyond a fire rate of approximately 9. Consider it added.

I think you’re right about the cause of it, I’ll try to replicate it and finally add it.

'Cause I’m smurt! Seriously though, it’s because the “Quest” section was not supposed to exsist at first. Consider it fixed.

I didn’t think about it, that’s really smart!

I noticed it too, but I thought that Showdown was actually trying to lock the cross air on the critical hit spot on his back…?

Consider it added.

Good, thanks for the confirmation and the additional information, I will take it into account.

I will correct the OP, then!

You are probably right, but I was hoping that they hadn’t do that because of lore reasons. Oh well, I will remove them, even though it would have been really cool to get one in The Cortex…

Would you be offended if I tested this before adding it? I am really curious to see it, I promise you it won’t take long.

Interesting, I’ll add it to the OP.

You know, that’s a REALLY good suggestion! I’ll divide them as soon as I can, it’ll take time though.

Thanks again to everybody for the feedback!


Yeah, @khimerakiller linked it above. By the way, congratulations, you are incredibly skilled!


  • Incendiary only has a 1.75 multiplier on flesh
  • Corrosive only has a 1.75 multiplier on armor
  • Shock only has a 2.5 multiplier on shields

A map transition point is what I meant.

Unlike Bunker where this “glitch” would cause a 3 hit box Bunker to be hit 9 times, the Sentinel is only hit 3 times since the other 2 inactive faces can’t be hurt. So I just meant to show it really isn’t all that broken. Nor would it be fixable if Bunker wasn’t.

Yeah, but it sucks for pre-stack speed kills.


You can leave it, miracles do happen. :blush:

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What about the Heartbreaker? In my opinion they should make it drop random during badass round in Holodome DLC.


I’m not a fan of the Heartbreaker, but I can gett behind this.


Does Aurelia still have the Badass challenge bug? If so, that should be fixed.

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It doesn’t take long to test, I just tried it out. It didn’t work the first time. Then I remembered I always switch to a slow reloading weapon when I do it. So after a few tries I figured out it happens when your mag is empty while funzerking and hitting melee, cancelling reload at the same time the action skill ends.

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^left hand holding a pistol that’s not there, holding a laser with one hand, reloading without a left hand. Melee is invisible too but a picture doesn’t really show it

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It happens when you throw a grenade right as the action skill ends also. Just tried it out while playing

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Damage by Winter`s Veil is horrible even if you have Avalanche stacks. So, need to do something with that. I thought i found “Backdraft” Aurelia, it works great, but damage is horrible and you can not kill most badasses in the game.

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Maybe access to Fast Travel in Stanton’s Liver and Veins of Helios?

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Id love to see most, if not then all the mini bosses that dont have unique drops, get unique drops. I always thought son of flamey would be perfect for the magma or hellfire. And the dark siders should definitely have something they drop. It would also be nice if they fixed the towering ice shagarath mini boss. He literally just floats there and doesnt attack or do anything.


So the multipliers stay basically the same between True and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode? That’s pretty major! I’ll add it soon.

Well, if it’s not fixable there is no reason for it to stay, right?

In the end, I decided to remove it anyway, because, as you said, it is probably undoable, and because, leaving there only the request for a fast travel station in the Cortex out of personal preference, would have been unfair towards the rest of the community. Anyway, I really appreciate the amount of support you showed for the thread already, I warmly thank you :smiley:

First off, if it was added in this way, some people might complain that it is in the files of the vanilla game, and so it should be available even to those who don’t own the Holodome dlc.

Furthermore, Gearbox has had two golden opportunities to add it to the game (there have been two Valentine’s days since the release of the game), but they didn’t use neither of them.

If you also consider that there are really few Moxxi weapons in this game compared to Borderlands 2 (3 compared to 11), and that none of them shine in terms of healing, I think that they are purposely not including it, because they think it would be too strong on Athena (just like the Lady Fist would probably be too powerful on Nisha).

If you think about it, Moxxi weapons must have a balanced ratio between the damage you deal and the percentage of it that is returned to you as health. Now, Athena would probably break that proportion, by constantly shredding her enemies while keeping both her stacks high and her health full.

Don’t get me wrong, I drool as much as every other Athena player at the thought of having it, but I don’t think this will happen, unfortunately.

I’m not sure about what you’re referring to.

Just to know, what system are you on?

I don’t know, I always thought it could be an additional cryo source, but I don’t think it should be interpreted as a damage source.

Unfortunately, this is probably undoable :sweat:
If you think about it, when the game first came out, the people who complained about the lack of fast travel stations were almost as many as those who complained about the unrespawnable bosses; the former issue was not fixed, even though the other was.

I am working on a suggestion chart for the reassignment of unique weapons without a specific drop source in the game, so look forward to when I finish it :wink:

Doesn’t he do like a wirl/spike launching attack?

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]The Ice Scream’s special sound effect might play even when you are firing another Vladof assault rifle with the Vladof spinigun barrel, whether the Ice Scream is equipped or just in your inventory. Apparently, this can happen even if the Ice Scream is only in your bank, if you are in an area with a bank present (Concordia, Deck 13 ½ and the Cortex).[/quote]I think this happens with other equipment with special sound effects too (Boganella, Heartfull Splodger, Cutie Killer), and it’s not limited to guns with the same manufacturer and barrel. This bug is in BL2 as well (Bane, Morningstar, Shotgun 1340, …), but I haven’t been able to trigger it with other equipment with special sounds yet (M0RQ, 3DD1.E, and the 1340 shield from BL2).

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]The Flyin’ Maiden is not legitimately obtainable in game. Is it intentional?[/quote]I’d call that a bug. Unlike the Lady Fist, Fibber, and Heart Breaker this hasn’t been simply left in the code (presumably for testing), but it got a new name at least - it was called Impaler in BL2.

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]It would be cool if the Punisher luneshine effect (+10% critical hit damage) could not spawn on weapons incapable of scoring critical hits (rocket launchers, assault rifles with Torgue barrels, the Jack o’Cannon, the Boomacorn, the Min Min Lighter, the Logan’s Gun etc.), since it could only benefit a Lawbringer specced in Tombstone.[/quote]There are accessories granting additional critical hit damage; these shouldn’t appear on these weapons either (this mostly applies to shotguns).

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]Bloodlust could use a little buff in healing rate, since it does not scale that well.[/quote]In my opinion Bloodlust is fine. But Stalwart is outright useless, Hades’ Shackles could use a damage buff, and Epicenter has too little range to be really useful. I’d be happy to sacrifice some slam damage for increased slam radius on that skill. And then I read about an issue with Conduit (haven’t thoroughly tested it myself yet): Similar to Wilhelm’s Cold War, it fails to trigger if a shock DoT is active already.
I’m not much of a Wilhelm player, but Hard to Kill seems not very useful: its stacks disappear quickly and they don’t give much resistance.
Jack’s holograms have trouble aiming with their grenades if you try to use On My Mark. The shotgun version of their wrist lasers (skill: Diversify) is pretty useless, too.

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]Rank five of the Crouch Potato challenge (kill 3200 enemies with an assault rifle while crouched) is exaggeratedly time consuming to achieve.
Rank five of the That Was Unpleasant challenge (kill 750 Shuggurath) is exaggeratedly time consuming to achieve.[/quote]The grinder achievements are ridiculous as well. Except the recipes one, of course.
The challenge to kill Deadlift without using jump pads only triggers for the host, and only on the story kill, even though this is not mentioned in the description.

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]It would be more time efficient if the game saved the vehicle weapon preference, so that who does not always use the default weapon did not have to select the other one every time a vehicle is digistructed.[/quote]The game also seems to forget the skin you set for the second moon buggy, as well as for the second, third, and fourth stingray. It only shows “no skins available” or “no skin selected” until I manually select one. Oh, and on the topic of vehicles: the Moon Zoomy in Regolith Range (the one you repair in the story) is muted, even the subtitles for its story quotes (“access denied” - “nevermind”) are missing.

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]There is no point in allowing Oxygen Canisters to drop in atmosphere. The only purpose this serves is to prevent actually useful loot from dropping.[/quote]I’ve used them a lot with the Invigoration Oz Kit: double jump to use a bit of air and get high enough for a slam, then slam down onto the canister, 25% health instantly restored due to the oz kit’s special effect.

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]Once the five rounds have been completed the area becomes basically useless, which is kind of sad. It would be awesome if the last round was repeatable, maybe rewarding the player with a random purple weapon every time?[/quote]The scavs in the arena respawn on each visit after the missions are completed - makes for a decent mobbing place. I don’t think this needs to be changed. What does need to be changed is that parts of the story mission flag on the missions remain (even though this is supposed to be fixed): the missions are still auto-accepted.

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]In the B4D S3CT0R (in the Custer 00773 P4ND0R4) some loot containers do not show the correct animation when being opened.[/quote]Not really related to this area, but I noticed that the animation a box plays does not depend on the presence of air around the box, but instead on the presence of air around the player opening them. This can be tested with boxes near the edge of air domes. Looks kinda strange when a box just inside an air dome shoots its lid sky-high…
The Holodome and the Claptastic Voyage seem to not scale to 50 after the main story is completed in TVHM. I played them recently with my Jack, visiting both DLCs for the first time (in TVHM, that is) after the raid sentinel was down.

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:1, topic:1273098”]Sometimes, enemies inside of The Cortex will spawn (or teleport, in 5H4D0W-TP’s case) inside of walls and structures. From my experience, they always eventually manage to get out, but this might lead to the incapability to complete the round (confirmation would be appreciated).[/quote]I’ve seen that quite a few times. It’s not as bad as the invisible wall around the thing in the middle, though. It owes me a few deaths already because I couldn’t hit enemies sitting between that thing and the invisible wall. I was literally standing (or rather lying, because FFYL) on their feet and still couldn’t hurt them.

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:6, topic:1273098”]Yeah, I remember someone mentioning it on the forums. I’ll add it and see if I can find a picture of it.[/quote]I found one a few days ago and I still have it, but I’m not at the correct computer. I can take a picture later if nobody else is faster.

[quote=“an_arbitrary_firefly, post:6, topic:1273098”]Well, the door that allows you to access the tunnel containing the luneshine chest and the door to Tycho’s Ribs remains closed until you defeat RK-5, so I am not sure about how well that would work out…[/quote]The transition could dump you in front of the corridor, inside RK5’s arena.
On map transitions: the unreachable one from Serenity’s Waste to Helios Station should be removed. That would also fix the Home Sweet Home mission trying to direct you there when you should fast-travel to the Hyperion Hub.
There is one more thing I want to bring to your attention: the door to the stingray garage where you unlock the stingray as a vehicle type opens when bringing a vehicle close to it. Entering the code is not necessary, but the mission will not advance without the code. Bahroo had a video on it, I think it’s this one:
Oh, and the non-solid walls:
That video covers a few in BL2 as well, but many are in TPS. There are two walls missing: in the Cortex, you can walk through the wall next to the safe and the customization station. Same issue on the other side, which allows you to get back into the arena after dying. It’s tricky, but possible.
Also, didn’t they change maps in BL2 updates already? I remember some repositioned map border turret in the changelog, as well as a fix for the grenade jump shortcut on digistruct peak. So what’s preventing them from putting in fast travel stations?

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