Lastest Takedown. Bad Scaling between Solo vs 2-Players?

The new Takedown can be soloed just fine once you learn the mechanics and hopefully don’t get some bad rng with the jump pads, clipping a rock, flying off into space, accidentally clipping a wall while you are trying to go to the first boss and hitting the water instead of a platform… etc etc.

However the second you go in with the buddy the 2 player scaling is a bit ridiculous. The amount of enemies feels like it is scaled for 3 players not 2. Scaled Maliwan Takedown did a much better job between 1, 2, 3, and 4 players.

I know our fearless Gearbox devs said they wouldn’t touch this Takedown anymore due to the fact that Mayhem 2.0 adjustments should have solved a lot of issues people were having with the Takedown but I think this is incorrect. It won’t solve the scaling between party size.

Maliwan Takedown had a lot more polish when scaled mode came out. Please take another look at this on M10 with different party sizes.

(Yes myself and my friends are very very well geared with very good builds and have trounced TVHM m10 everything else)


I agree with this, but also the amount of time it takes to resolve the crystal portions should also be looked into. If I am not mistaken, you have the same amount of time to get through that solo as you would with other players which is silly in my opinion. The enemies are too bulky to justify it working that way.

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You get more enemy waves thrown at you if you have more players. Which is understandable…but it forgets to take into account that people die.

We had a four player session going on and two of them died before the crystals. But it still sent out enough enemies for four players. Combine that with charging the crystals then it’s just ridiculous.

Two is a pretty good number if you’ve a strong build. Reviving one another, combo abilities (we use grasp Amara and clone Zane which is pretty handy) and you get twice the chance of an item you need. (As in two loot pool. I didn’t get a new weapon but my friend did so it’s still a win).

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