Late Night Musings - Battleborn PVP Still Gives Me The Feels!

You know how I know that I really, REALLY ■■■■■■■ love Battleborn?

One simple reason - no matter how much brutal, tear my hair out frustrating, want to throw my controller directly into my TV, ■■■■ this game throws at me (and it has given me soooo much of that, you guys!), I just KEEP COMING BACK.

Is this what being in abusive, codependent, sometimes strangely, deliriously happy relationship feels like?

There have been some seriously rough sessions since Winter Update.

A lot more losses than I’m accustomed to!

But, the highs far outweigh the lows!

Those really great games, where everything just seems to click into place for you and your team, even against a highly skilled team, when you get more kills / assists and less deaths than you are generally used to, even with a character that you are not necessarily the greatest with…SUCH A GREAT FEELING!!!

If I were to let the frustration this game sometimes heaps upon me get to me long term, I probably would have quit after the first month.

I haven’t felt this way about a game since Demon’s Souls, which I played almost pure PVP almost every day for almost 2 years.

I got REALLY good and I was friends with the whole PS3 community the way I am with the PS4 crew here on Battleborn.

But Battleborn is a whole new level because it’s team based, rather than one on one duels, and I’m on mic with wonderful people.

I keep MEANING to play less and get caught up on other games, but the pull of Battleborn is too strong!

Now I’ve been at 150 for some time and I’ve got half the characters to 20 already, and I’m sure I’ll keep playing well past that!

Thanks for keeping this game classy and awesome, you lovely Battleborn community!



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There’s less tears, screaming, and self-harm threats in BB.

Well, most of the time.


Hmm, the reason why I like Battleborn so much is that it doesn’t actually make me “rage.” It’s unique in that aspect since other PvP games sure do push my buttons in the worst possible ways.

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I do wish I was a PS4 owner, it has always seemed quite active for BB.

Sadly the game sits on my shelf currently, I keep meaning to play it again, but Meltdown!!! Plus I am a little TF2 addicted.

Still I do miss this crazy game, which is rare for me, I am not one to look back after I have moved on unless the game was brilliant

See various titles that I believe meet this hallow grade
All Xcom variants

There will be others, have no time


This is exactly what BB is like until you prove yourself the dominant one and start beating the living sh*t out of your… - whoopsie. Said too much already

Anyways, I really love this game but it’s gotten to the point where me and other friends I play with have just gotten so good that there’s no opposition. I’ll still play this game though. For some strange reason, it’s more addicting than uh… certain substances . But hey, more reason to play amirite :slight_smile:


WELL… IF you take the “self-harm” part out… You just perfectly described a certain flightless, non-UPR Aviant’s emotional structure to the “T”.


Try going outside then? <3


Bb is outside.


Oh, fair point.


Or why go outside when I can play bb? Who NEEDS outside AMIRITE?


The last pvp game i played as long as BB and as consistently was probably Modern Warfare 2. It also had its fair share of ‘brutal, tear my hair out frustrating, want to throw my controller directly into my TV, ■■■■ this game throws at me’ moments so you might be on to something there.

I know what you mean though. I don’t particularly get a lot of enjoyment out of stomps or getting stomped, but there’s those spaces in between where it feels like an evenly pitched tug of war that releases the dopamine and sort of validates why you play this to begin with.

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You don’t get the salty hate mail? :disappointed:

Though this is the only game I have ever gotten praise mail in though…


I’ve had hatemail through Battleborn, but it’s pretty rare, maybe twice in the time I’ve been playing. But I’m also on mic a lot, and people aren’t as brave when they can hear your voice.

Yeah, I keep coming back to Battleborn. Mafia III has been sitting unfinished for two and a half months now because every time I go to play something, I’m like “oh I should play the new OP” or “hey there’s a skin I still need” or “oh look some of my friends need one more player for PVP!”

I’ve been hooked on games for a long time in the past, but never to the “play almost every time I turn on the Xbox” way that Battleborn has.

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“Sorry about your team. Gg for what it’s worth” was actually one of the nicest things anyone has said to me in a multiplayer game. Thanks whoever you are. A little recognition like that helps keep me coming back for more. Trying to carry a 4v5 as Shayne, with a team of noobs deserves a little praise.

I made myself sad last night. I was playing the renegade. Trying to get a oath of the sustained, the last legendary that I needed from that mission. I can pretty much do it in my sleep now but I kept reminding myself to stop every so often to admire the scenery. Because it might be the last time I play that mission😭. I’m never going to get platinum running solo. So once I have the gear and play it with kleese, I have no reason to play it again. Well I got the gear with kleese last night. So I may never save caldarius again and that kinda makes me sad. This game has things I love and things I don’t but either way they give me feels. There is nothing that I’m just meh about in this game.

My PSN privacy settings are locked down so tight, strangers can’t even send me friend requests. People didn’t just hate mail me, they got their friends to do it too. :confused:


Yeah I know all about that.

One time playing pendles I got hate mail from everyone of the enemy team players, it was a worthy of song game, and I looked and I had 6 messages and I’m like wtf. My friend as a joke sent me hate mail as well because apparently I stole all of his kills. LOL

I admit though it was on purpose with his throwing stars, and man did I enjoy every minute of it :sunglasses: