Late night players? Also looking for lvl70 versions of uniques like bullpup, excalibastard, etc

GT- Weretaz
70 Gladiator

The days I play are pretty random but I generally play late nights after 1am until whenever and would really like to find some fun adults to play with to do things like holodome badass round, mutator, bosses, achievements, or even new playthroughs.

I am also looking for someone who would “sell” me level 70 versions of unique reward guns, especially a shock, fire, and corrosive practicable bullpup and an excalibastard…its so stupid that you cant get level appropriate versions of these great weapons! I have legendaries and glitches that I am more than happy to help someone out with.

I really look forward to hearing from some people, my girlfriend and her 70 Nisha have lost interest and this game is just more fun when playing with like minded people :wink:

I saw that I just didnt put my info there because I wasnt sure if anyone would see it there or if any of the people there were still actively playing. Thanks for pointing me there though and I will go ahead and put my info there.

What time zone are you in?

Eastern time zone

Yah I have some I’m looking for people to help me level up