Latency issues?

If the only problems I had were with redeeming digital deluxe bonuses I would still be fine and all, but it isn’t.

I haven’t joined a lobby with more than a red bar connection. What gives? I rubber band everywhere, my skills don’t connect and I die behind walls.

I just tested my connection and I’m getting 90mb up and down so I highly doubt the problem is on my side. I live in Singapore anyway, but that shouldn’t be a problem because I’ve seen devs on this forum say there are servers here aren’t there?

Anyone here facing similar issues or any dev that would like to comment? I do hope this will be fixed soon cause the game is absolutely unplayable right now. I really looked forward to this game but i might now just go over to overwatch instead.

I’m in Australia. My problems aren’t as bad, but a lot of the times connections are lost before I get past the main menu.

I literally just got kicked from a game because my team all got disconnected.

I’m in Australia as well and my latency is pretty bad but still playable. I also am getting kicked from menus and games and pretty much anything that requires loading or communication of any sort. Example : selling and item kicked, command Centre kicked, joining server kicked and even after a game has finished looking at rewards and stats kicked. On average from the main menu i am about 10 - 20 times per hour getting a disconnect of some sort.

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Same problem in The Netherlands. I always red bar during solo play. Once I team up with a friend from Belgium, I have no problems whatsoever, but during solo play it’s terrible

Same problem here, I live in Spain. Dont know where the EU servers are located but I have a 100 MB line and I havent had any lag problems in any game till now. So I suppose u have to fix something, and fast, please.

Hello neighbour! Malaysia here but I have no problem playin the game. PS4 on DMZ already?

It sucks that we don’t get to enjoy something we’ve paid for simply due to the region we live in. I mean I’ve gotten used to wasting money on games I’ve hyped only to be disappointed. But this time I actually believed their lip service about servers here… only to be disappointed even greater. Ah well, at least overwatch is out and I’m able to get 7ms over there

So i was tied of the issues i was having and decided to try reseting my modem, to my delight i have not had any issues since… so might be worth a shot for others too.