Latest hotfix broke the game

Well, I am done with this game. It was flawed from the start, but you’ve gone and made it worse.

Kleese and Attikus lore challenges are no longer obtainable with current system. You will not win a match on Echelon, not that it would ever get played anyway. Even if you did, the lack of any balance system at all in casual guarantees that you will never get a competent team to win the match. Three of six maps are never going to played anymore, so Kleese can’t get his ride of the battle chair.

Competitve’s “balance” is non existent, so even if you wanted a fair fight, you would never get it.

There is no punishment for leaving, so there is nothing stopping people from leaving.

I will probably not play this game again until I see a few things.

Switch the map rotation presets within the competitive and casual playlists.
Tighten the SBMM in competitive.
Add punishments for leaving.

I really enjoyed the game from the start, but this takes things too far.

Or you could organize a premade and vote as a block.

Given my extensive experience with lfg across multiple games, no that isn’t an option. Would result is the same distribution of skill on the team as finding a pub team.

well i dont really know much about lore, because i dont care for any of the “master” titles.

but i disagree about matchmaking being bad… ive had several good games since this hotfix

hopefully soon they implement punishment for aimbotters or people who quit mid game… just had a game vs an aimbotting toby (we still won but damn its very annoying to die to him from across the map in 3 seconds flat)

and yeah i dont like the whole not being able to pick a certain game mode before hand…

BUT… at the end of the day i still love this game very much so, i dont ever think this game will be perfect, i imagine its very hard to please everyone at once, but the points you bring up are interesting and I hope the devs can take note and fix the unfair things like the lore you mentioned.

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The casual map votes are actually pretty varied and nice, so yeah I don’t need extra credits and I’ve played enough overgrowth and paradise against 5 man premade to know it isn’t fun or competitive…

Sorry about the rant. I was a bit heated. Just got back from shutout games due to multiple factors. Either someone left when the enemy team started to make progress, or it was 2 100’s and 3 10s or lower against 100 premades.

I’m sure I’ll pick it up again, but Smite has been spoiling me. They have been doing it for longer though.