Latest hotfix isn't applying weapon buffs properly

Something’s not right… If I launch the game fresh (from Epic), my Jacobs ARs recieve the new damage buff, but not the pistols. If I log out to the main menu and back again, it’s the reverse: ARs are no longer buffed, but the pistols are, and it stays that way (no matter if I switch character or how many times I load back into a game) until I restart the whole game (which puts me back on square one with buffed Jacobs ARs but no buffs to their pistols). Tediore SMGs are also affected - they only receive buffs on a fresh game launch. Super weird. My Dahl ARs and pistols appear to be receiving the new buffs just fine, same with Maliwan weapons. And yes, the hotfixes applied sign is always there. I’m at a loss… Anyone else noticing this? Currently I have to either keep from leaving the first game I load (otherwise I have to re-launch the entire game), or exit to main menu and log back in, depending on which weapons I want to be buffed. So far I’ve only heard about one other guy having this issue, so it might be something on my end, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it could be. I’ve tried loading older saves etc, in case there would’ve been some corruption in the current saves, to no avail. This is the first time a hotfix buffing weapons has behaved this way.

Just saw this bug pop up for a streamer. Jakobs AR gets buffed and a Maggie lost damage, quit save then the Maggie gets a damage buff and the Jakobs AR loses damage.

Maybe it isn’t local then, seeing as more people are experiencing it. Wonder if Gearbox is aware?

Tested it on my own character. The bug is reproducible using a Jakobs AR and the Maggie.