Latest Nov 9 Fix a BIG PROBLEM

Since the November 9 Update the following major bugs/glitches appear in my game. I play as Moze on PC at level 65.

  1. Cannot swap weapons anymore. It will not allow me to move weapons, shield, COM’s or artifacts between the backpack and active section. The same is true of the reverse.
  2. Cannot drop unwanted weapons from the backpack or active section. Using ‘X’ on the PC has no effect. Can sell weapons, but as my cash is 99,999,999 I would rather just drop them. Only being able to get rid of weapons in a machine is a problem in the middle of a large map.
  3. The Eridian Symbols no longer appear. The only way to make them appear is by rebooting (Esc/return to menu).
    Please can somebody either fix this or let me know how I can fix, particularly, points 1) and 2)
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i also got the drop item buttons switched somehow, thats a thing yes

The keybind to drop items was changed to ‘Q’ for some reason. It’s annoying.