Latest Patch B0re Issues

I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, and this may not be the appropriate place for this thread, but after the latest patch, I’ve been having an -extremely- difficult time killing some enemies with b0re. I just tested on BNK3R and he’s still easy to kill with b0re, but Super Badass Constructors, SPR/BAR TNKs, Saturn, OMGWTH, as well as many other enemies with multiple converging hitboxes are taking considerably less damage from a well aimed shot. I’ve even tried using the Pimpernel. I may need more testing, but if the assassin players out there could look into doing some tests as well, that would be great.

Interesting. I will say hi to Saturn tomorrow and see what’s going on.

No issues. b0re was tested against Saturn, BNK-3R.