Latest Patch breaks Borderlands 2 to Pieces

Thanks Gearbox!, thanks for your unwanted, un needed and wrteched update which has completely broken Borderlands 2.
Before this stupid unwanted patch, which none of us actually asked for, I could boot up BL2 and play all the time, now it gets to the loading screen and hangs with “creating online session” and stays there forever. So many of us in the forums, Steam forums, redditt threads have been complaining for months but you’ve done NOTHING to fix this problem that YOU created

Your stupid update tries to connect to the Shift servers instead of Steam, and that’s where the problem lies

And don’t tell me to send a “support ticket” to 2K or Gearbox, or whatever, Gearbox knows about this issue and our tickets are just ignored. Just make a patch to reverse this botch up. I paid good money to play this game, and it is now rendered useless!

The only workable solution I can find online to fix YOUR blunder, is to downgrade to an older version of Borderlands 2, BL2_OLD_1.84. I tried it and it works PERFECTLY…Funny how an older version works flawlessly whereas the new and improved version of BL2 is broken beyond repair. But when I use THAT version, I can’t use the new DLC!!!

You can bet your bottom dollar Gearbox that this will be the last time I ever buy anything from your dirty hands, I’m fed up!!! :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: