Latest patch errors

So far ive notice with the newest patch is;

Isic can get above the orange wall by the first sentry in overgrowth along with kleese being able to deploy his energy rifts up there.

Minion waves are somehow getting grouped up 3-6 waves at a time, shepard bots included, and then moving as one group wiping the first sentry singlehandedly everytime ive encountered this problems. This is also on overgrowth.

The first sentry can attack you through the orange wall that is next to it. Also on overgrowth.

Echelon still isnt fixed and the framerate drop is still as bad as ever.

Has anyone notice anything else that seems like this latest patch has screwed up?

Coldsnap and Echelon are still laggy as all get out. Its playable, but not enjoyable.

The wall they added in the bunker for the second sentry should be higher up. I play kleese pretty regularly and I noticed I could jump higher than the top and fire my charged lazer. Plus being close to the wall I have quite a bit of cover there to. Should be double the height so people cant jump and shoot at it. But at least this is way better than it used to be as it is stopping most characters from cheesing it.

[quote=“greenranger015, post:1, topic:1515959”]
Isic can get above the orange wall by the first sentry in overgrowth along with kleese being able to deploy his energy rifts up there.[/quote]

Benedict can probably get up there too. As I’ve explained countless times before, though, this isn’t necessarily an issue. These characters have terrain traversal for a reason, it’s part of how they play. Otherwise, why have those abilities at all?

If a player gets up there, it means they’re talented. It doesn’t mean that the map is broken, or that an ability is. The only time that’s ever true is if if you can’t hit them with a ranged character. If the geometry is blocking them from harm then it’s a problem that needs to be looked at, and only then.

Is the geometry blocking them from harm? Do they become invincible in this spot? No? Then it’s really not a problem and doesn’t need to be touched. It just creates interesting gameplay, and that’s never a bad thing.

To bring it up again, it’s like shooting sprinklers in weird places (like the underside of platforms or just outside of a level) in Splatoon. The only time they ever tampered with this is if the area the sprinkler hit made it invincible, otherwise it was left alone because it was just a feature of play.

I wish more people understood this.

Benedict could already get up there.
Yeah it does make for interesting gameplay, but thats mot even the worst thing.

The shepards bots and minions waves getting grouped up is friggin retarded. I dont know if its a bug in the patch that causes this or some fishy exploiting but it has for the most part broke oncursion on overgrowth.