Latest patch is crashing ps4

The latest patch is causing my ps4 to crash everytime i try to boot the game up. Is anyone else having this problem?


Kept logging in eventually worked. Though a problem, persevering is working in the mean time.


My friend is having the same issue.

This may not be a small and isolated thing.


I have same issue, it keep crashing my ps4. Never have this problem before.


Manage to solve the problem by starting the game offline then going onlone in the main menu. Now it will not crash whenever i start the game.


I have same issue.

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The QA team test the game and report bugs, they don’t determine which ones get fixed or the content of patches and their release dates.

My PS4 crashes while trying to load the game period. I don’t even get to a menu just the psycho holding the grenade and then BOOM ps4 shutsdown.


Same for me. Thought I was the only one and deleted the install. Haven’t had a chance to test the new download yet.

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Same here. Initial splash screen, then screen goes blank. After a few minutes the console eventually shuts down. When I turn it back on, it loads back up on the Error Reporting screen. What a bummer!

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So, I tried to load up one last time. Now the console will boot up and fail to find my HD. My console now fails to enter Safe Mode. Holding the power button makes the console boot up and promptly shut down. How does an update do this?


same here on ps4 pro, lots of crash (every 5 min or so) in game. no problem like this before the patch

Same here. I can load an existing character, but if I try to start a new game with a new character, the PS4 basically just dies after the initial cut-scene – just freezes on a blank black screen. Very frustrating!!! They need to fix this ASAP.

My console will not even boot up. I can’t even get to safe mode. Something is telling me my HD may be corrupted.


I confirm that playing Offline seems resolving the issue for now

Same here

Crashing 5 times since the uptade, after Troy et during the final boss…


Seriously GearBox? You’re about to have a lawsuit on your hand, what the actual F you broke my PS4 with your hacked update. I literally tried to start up borderlands for the second time after this update and now my PS4 wont even start or detect a hard drive You broke a 400$ system with a update. And many are feeling the same, buy me a new ps4 cause now i cant even start mine or turn it on and when i do i get this lovely message.

You bricked my PS4… I cant even enter SAFE mode to try to reset the system with a fresh install, No matter what i tried following sony’s FAQ, Now you owe us all new Ps4 PROS that you destroyed GEARBOX.


Yep mine too , check my post and screenshot. Gearbox breaking PS4’s around the world with an update.

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My PS4 slim also won’t start any more after the latest update, not happy