Latest Soft Nerf For Benedict (AKA Really?)

Alrighty, I just got done checking the battleplan: Battleplan 34: 1/12/17

As a Benedict main, all i have to say is, REALLY? Nerf to health AND damage? I understand the damage part, but health?

I’m curious to see how long Battleborn devs/Gearbox Devs will continue to go leaving Ernest exactly the way he is, leave Kleese the way he is and Ultra the way he is, but continue to ‘knee jerk’ respond to every character in the game that isn’t a support character or Ernest. I don’t know, cannot fathom, how people are absolutely fine with Ernest able to cheese incursion sentries on his own from mid-map on overgrowth (He can hit 1st sentry from mid map wall AND where the single big shard spawns near the small stairs, opposite of double thralls), can slow the entire lane and deal way more damage than Benedict can without the need for actually you know, aiming.

Now Benedict can no longer survive those encounters of weeding out Ernests or other characters and heck, might as well take away that title of “pusher” on Benedict’s page while you’re at it Gearbox. People complain and complain about how much Damage Benedict does and his Hawkeye, but honestly guys, find a wall. His base damage isn’t even what makes him hit as hard as he does, the go-to and Benedict of Benedict gear loadouts is what need nerfing.

Symbiotic Gauntlet and His lore legendary are what makes him hit so hard, it’s like a +21% attack damage. Now Benedict gets eaten up easier? Is that really necessary? Maybe for GOOD Benedicts. But Ernest remains untouched and perfectly fine because you know, logic.

Leave Benedict alone he hasn’t done anything, you nerfed the wrong bird Gearbox.

If that were true, Whiskey Foxtrot would have angel wings and laser eyes by now.


They already nerfed his taser by a bit. And KUs (Bolas) getting changed a lot in the patch

Lol, Benedict homes

Fun fact: he’s now closer to day 1, but still with an extra second on Hawkeye. He’s fine. He’s been the best character in the game for a lil while, now he’s closer to being a mortal again


@Benedict_87 Anything to add, my fine feathered friend?


Oh no


Haha! The question isn’t “does he have something to add”; it’s “will it he be able to say it sober” after this patch.


I have no problem with making a character that seems to fly forever, more vulnerable. Especially when they do as much damage as they do.


Benedict does need the damage nerf but the decrease in health is overdoing it. Then again, this is Gearbox we are talking about. The devs that like buff/nerf characters on multiple areas in one patch: Just be glad that Benedict only got 2 nerfs instead of like 5 in this patch.


I clicked into this thread expecting it to say the nerfs didn’t go far enough, instead I find the opposite.

Hawkeye’s duration is still the major problem here and until that is changed he will never be balanced.

It’s not the gear that makes him do damage, it’s the numerous buffs you can apply to the homing rockets. I know people who run basic white gear on him and still achieve the same result.


Walls kinda counter all ranged characters, with their pesky solidity and everything. But Benedict and Ernest are special in their ability to kill you behind that wall.

Mell has been fine for months despite her 18% health decrease. Benedict still has his shield. He’ll be fine. Besides, Benedict players have been preying on squishy targets forever. Now you have one more on the battlefield. :smirk:


I read the title and was like “yep he made another thread”.

Okay. Imo the health was a bit far. I won’t even need the Culling the guarantee a kill on you now. But other than that I know some people have a problem with Benedict.

If we look over in the gali corner though I can assure you that she will still be exactly the same amount of problem as before. I’m not sure what knee jerking is exactly but I’m pretty sure that was an example of it.

Also I just remembered that while I can respect you as one of the best players I know, you are a Benedict main. People just hate Benedict. I don’t have a problem with the bird, you know all about that, however literally 90% of the remaining player base can’t stand his feathered ass.

Man… I still kick ass.
I want my crit rockets back though. I REALLY want my crit rockets back. But… even without 'em… I still kick ass.


Y’all think just cuz someone decides my rocket launcher’s a bit too sexy I’m gonna ruin a good 3 or 4 months of sobriety an’ get my ass kicked off Nova? PLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE…


Someone go check on him.

Nova’s CONSTANTLY monitorin’ me… just ask her. I ain’t drunk.
I am however… watchin’ a real… REAL dirty porno…


Nova: It’s true. I can’t even classify what kind of porno; it’s that dirty.



Keep the volume down at least. No one wants to hear aviant moans. Freaks me the f*ck out.

(At this stage I’m not sure if I’m posting as myself, or if I’ve just become Whiskey xD)


Turns the volume up.



Toby starts moaning loudly to upset Whiskey.


If they bring back the 2 second base duration or change the level 1 right to something else (that isn’t broken) we can start playing Benedict again. Finger’s crossed.[quote=“RayLightning, post:8, topic:1554043”]
Benedict does need the damage nerf but the decrease in health is overdoing it.

Not at all. His health was still lower at release and he was fine then. If they bring back the 2 second hawkeye base duration then the real Benedict mains can shine again.