Laugh at your Hatemail!

I would’ve put my message in here (nearly) word for word, but early on in the game, I was playing a great match as Rath, and afterwards I got a message basically telling me to “stop spinning to win, you stupid girl part!”. I responded with a thank you for letting me know I was doing great, then, I don’t know what I did with it. Anyways, at the point, I knew I was a great Battleborn player.

Any funny and inspiring hate mail any of you recieved. Please keep it positive, I think this is kind of a sensitive subject, so it could have an easier chance of being taken down, compared to others. This is something to laugh about, not get mad at.


I actually have not received hate mail but friend requests same team or the other when I have done well, and sometimes even when I don’t. After your message I want some hate mail now.

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It was not in battleborn but in some other multiplayer shooters some people actually send recordings where they go on a rant (complete with cuss words) about how cheap they thought I played or whatever else caused them to lose. I think its funny people actually go through the effort to record this type of stuff. Taking the game way too seriously and might have other issues

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I’m on the other end of this. At the beginning of a PvP game I say hello and ask my teammates not to surrender like babies or I’ll eat their snacks. I was called a monster after it.

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I’ve received lovemail multiple times playing as Miko :).
No hatemail yet, and with Caldarius I certainly have matches where I wreck face…

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I don’t send hatemail; but I send message to people that join a game and go AFK the entire game and move their caracter time to time to not get kick-out;
my message is the following; if you dont have time to play a full the game dont cripple your team and dont join a game.


I wonder is this actually fun for these people? They just get a rise out of frustrating others. But even so there is little visual feedback (can they spectate?) to see how this is frustrating other teamates. I would think this would be really boring and there are better ways to screw the team with more instant gratification. (Not that I condone it just trying to understand their thought process)

I always call for surrender when I can tell we have no chance.

Please don’t eat my snacks!

bah I stick until the end but I know its will be a real defeat
when you are solo and your 4 others teamate is commander rank 2 (pug) vs a group of 3 guys and they are all commander rank30+ all 5 player

Experience vs newbie… real fun match !! not

I’ve sent hatemail to people that leave the game when a game is basically even. It comes from pure frustration and is pretty sad really. On reflection I always feel bad about the hatemail, especially when I get something back like “sorry dude, lost track of time and really had to go. My bad!” :frowning:

Makes me realise how petty I can be. After all, it’s just a game…

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Ha, man I have a great rant saved on my ps4 from a destiny match. Apparently the guy thought I should sit still so he could shoot me with his super. I disagreed. Long story short he eventually sent a message about how large his muscles were and how he is going to beat my ass if he ever meets me.

One of my favorite gaming experiences to date.

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yeah true, but its seem a pendemic people staying afk ingame or leaving in game

I must say, opinion it sem 40% of my game always someone afk or leaving early game/mid game

I think that could solve the probl if they could replace leaving people by AI