Launch day live streams

Post your livestreams here! Here is mine!

I’m debating if I want to use Twtich or Steam Broadcasting. For those that want to follow, here’s my twtich channel:

I stream every so often. =]

Steam broadcasting is pretty new though and does not have the same audience as Twitch does. Feel free to add me on Steam (linked to this profile) and we can do some HW MP during the stream (if you are online during that)

Here is mine. I stream a couple of other games as well, MWO, Star Citizen, and soon HW:R. :sunglasses:

2PM GMT (GMT=UTC-0) is when I start my stream if anyone wants to join in. Teamspeak details will be sent to those who wish to join in.

Will stream MP from the moment it launches on , have to know right away if the higaran vs vaygr meta is the same, if it has been tampered with i will be sad, ofc kush and tidan proboably change any 4 player game with all 4 races anyways

EDIT: in fact i plan to align my sleep schedule so i WAKE UP at the release time, will no doubt be my longest stream ever

Il be to busy playing then watching livestreams, I hope you guys can convince new people that never played Homeworld to give this game a chance, only way to get a sequel =)

When I do launch day streams, I’d say that’s a bulk of my traffic. Either it’s people that are still waiting to play, or those holdouts that want to see the game first. Generally speaking, I try to showcase the stuff people ask about most. I can do the story stuff on my own time.

So it seems the game will not unlock until 6pm GMT. Which means I should get it installed by 7PM GMT IF the Steam servers don’t fry. My stream will be delayed until 7.

Launching my livestream as soon as it goes live and I can get into the game. Probably at around 10 past 6(PM GMT)