Launch Manager problem and recommendation

I’m playing some Homeworld 1 Remastered and it’s great so far. One thing, however, that holds it back in my opinion is the disorganization of the Launch manager. Currently the launch manger fills in the order of what craft dock (interceptor, scout, interceptor, interceptor, salvage corvette, resource collector, interceptor), this makes it so launching a select type of ship is almost impossible. This may give us the option to launch a single strike craft like in Cataclysm, but it makes it impossible to rally a group of bombers without emptying your Mothership.

Please change the Launch GUI to stack the ships in order of build and class so we don’t have to go sieve through 30 bombers just to find a single scout.

This would also allow you to assess how many of what type of strike craft you have without launching them.

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