Launch on Steam

Now the game is only available on epic games store for pc gamers, and there is a 50% off promo on PS Store, Live Store and Epic Store. Will there be a discount when the game is released on Steam on march 13 ?

ask gaben

No? Why would there be a discount, it’s new release.

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You can only expect a discount on Steam by Halloween or Christmas. Maybe earlier on Summer Sale, but very unlikely.

Considering what they have just done to BL2 and TPS.
I suspect there will be many of us who will no longer be purchasing this on steam; and frankly will be questioning any additional purchases from this company full stop.

Can you elaborate?

Put ads for the steam release in earlier games, just like they did pre-BL3 main launch.

Back at the original launch they were doing that on the consoles only right? Because I don’t remember seeing ads for BL3 in my earlier BL games on steam when people were talking about it. If that is the case your issue would probably be with 2K.

The ads were certainly on console, but I’m not sure if it was only there.

My understanding is that 2K are primarily responsible for marketing, so yes.

Console and PC. In Epic Games Store has a 50% off

Given the Epic exclusive when BL3 launched I’m pretty sure they could not advertise on any Steam (PC) games, ‘cause like it wasn’t available on Steam.
Consoles have but one store to purchase from so they would/could advertise.

Now that the Steam release is imminent, all bets are off & they (2k) are free to advertise all over Steam. Surprised we don’t have one in BL1 GOTY Enhanced.