Launch Party Invite code invalid?

Is anyone else having this issue? Trying to figure out why it’s happening


Unfortunately, yes

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good to know I’m not the only one; I suspect maybe we have to wait until 2pm central to try
Based on them saying the code is only redeemable for 48 hours and that’s when it’s set to end on wednesday
so I’m gonna try in 45 minutes or so and see if it works then

i will do that as well.

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I got the email containing my code about 2 hours ago and whenever i go to redeem it, the site keeps saying the code is invalid. Does anyone know why or how to fix?

It’s been reported and I believe Gearbox are trying to resolve it. May be worth bugging their twitter about it, I saw a response to that earlier.


Yeah I was seeing that on twitter just now too. I got my new email but now the site won’t let me redeem, it doesn’t do anything. I’ll wait and try again in a bit :slight_smile:

Is everyone that preordered the game supposed to get a launch party code? If so then I haven’t gotten one (or any other email codes for that matter).

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If someones ticket worked, where does it say the event is located. Mine gives nearby hotels and airports but doesn’t list the venue. is that information to follow?

We will see you at the Borderlands 3 Launch Party: Extravasplosion Trinity on September 6th, 2019!

This email is your ticket! Bring the below QR Code with you to the event with your photo ID for entry.
As a reminder, the event will be in Dallas, Texas with more details to be provided via email a week prior.
For the safety of you and our guests, remember to bring a photo ID that matches the name on your ticket. Bags and props will be inspected at the door.

Bringing your vehicle? Free parking is included in lots on-site and across the street.

I guess there is more to follow, I wasn’t sure if anyone’s said anything different.

Not that I’m aware of.

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I finally managed to get through and got the same email, they said more info will be emailed about location a week prior to the event, I’m assuming that means venue details and time of the party

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Who all is going? I’m going to fly out from California on Friday and do a 24 hour turn around. So hyped!

My wife and I are.

I am! I’m driving down from Missouri.

See you all there!

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