Launcher Giveaway

All free but if you are generous and have a Redistributor with SNTL Cryo mayhem 6 or higher I wouldn’t say no

Ion Cannon
Cryo 64Kx2 Barrier Active +50% status effect
None 87k 500% elemental on crit
Fire 63Kx2 500% elemental on crit
Fire 77k 500% elemental on crit
None 84Kx2 ASA 75% to badasses, named, bosses

26k ASE Life Steal
24k RakkAttack

9220 ASA 200%

42k Nova

Do you need any artifacts? I would like the 43K 200% ASA yellow cake. I do not have a redistributor but would like to give you something. Thanks GT = Tom dot66.

I will send over in the morning. If not a Redistributor the only other things I am hunting:
Old God Cryo +15% move
Radiation Infinity STNL Cryo ( always want one as my fallback gun)
Soulrender Kinetic SNTL Cryo

Again, if you don’t have no issue.

Unfortunately, I do not have any of those 3 but will be on the look out for those. Thanks Tom dot66

Hi can i get the mongol ase i dont have redistribuor but i do have a m10 maggie with sntnl +100 cryo

Is your GT Trip A Random?

Yes sorry for long time b4 reply my phone was being weird i seen u added ill send the maggie over