Launcher will not launch, ironically

A quick run down.
first off I know that the a bunch of stuff doesn’t like the game, however my first step is simply getting the launcher to not instantly crash. I have done everything from updating redistributables, making the game file an exception. I can launch everything but HW2 manually, but I fail to see why that is impacting the launcher.

I have error messages from HW2 but if I launch the launcher it will not give me these errors, simply crash:

"Homeworld2.exe caused an Access Violation in module atioglxx.dll at 0023:5f461a05.
Error occurred at 5/22/2016 22:36:06.
Homeworld2.exe, run by kkfac.
Microsoft Windows XP?.
4 processor(s), type 586.
2048 MBytes physical memory.
Read from location 00000020 caused an access violation.

MiniDump failed to save."

Now, I remember reading about the atioglxx.dll file where I need to make the .dll into a .dl or something, but that file does not exist, nor does adding that file (from the people on steam who try and help)

I would really like to run it on my nice computer as I’m trying to help a modder and it always crashes after a while on my laptop.


I have tried to help others with the exact same problem, with no success. They’ve owned Remastered for over a year, but this problem prevents them from playing the version of classic HW2 that is bundled with Remastered.

What did you do? (you can link somewhere else if you explained it there) It sucks b/c I know it works on windows 10… I just want it to be on this computer

Try all the hw2c crashing and general crashing tips from the master troubleshooting thread:

Specifically -nopbuffer and the correct atioglxx.dll may fix hw2c for you (theres some incorrect atioglxx.dll links floating around). Repairing all .net frameworks and visual c++ redistributables may fix the launcher (theres also some .net or c++ installers in a steam homeworld folder which you may also need to instal. I dont have the file path handy though).

I have already discovered those file paths a while ago and redid those installations, I think if I got the correct atioglxx.dll file and put it in homeworld 2 it should fix it. However that still doesn’t explain why the launcher itself is being bogged down :confused:
I wantz my steam mods…

If the launcher still isnt working, your probably looking at a windows reinstal to fix whatever is corrupted, missing or just jacked up. Windows just sucks sometimes, and its not always easy to tell whats wrong. :frowning: