Launching issues, please help!

OK so i launched at 12, and when i get to the dancing clap trap my game goes unresponsive, i really need to fix this and im bad at finding solutions…would be so greatful if anyone can help to fix this? thanks

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I am having the exact same problem
On a one x

oh thank god im not the only one! hopefully there is a fix soon im dieing to play ><

I hope so I have work in 6 hours :rage::rage::rage:

Im in dude good luck

safe travels in the borderlands<3

Having same issue where my PC Crashes at Clap Trap… Ah It’s A Trap!

I got the same problems and found an some platforms only that the problem would come from directx 12 but not 1 word from gearbox or 2k, pls send help XC

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i am having the same problem please help