Launching the game crashes my Internet

My internet is working perfectly, until I launch the game, and when it tries to log in, the game just kicks me out to LAN mode, and when I try to “Go online” under Social, the game prompts that I am offline. I then alt-tab out and realise that my internet is cut off. Once I exit the game, my internet is back to usual.

These are the solutions I tried:

  1. Flush dns (cmd -> ipconfig /flushdns)
  2. Restart my router
  3. Restart my computer
  4. Disable “Social Notifications”
  5. Update Network adapters
  6. Allowing Lsass.exe in inbound / outbound firewall

To further elaborate, yesterday, I manage to connect online after re-booting my router, which I have not done so in 6 months, so I thought it was due to a firmware update.

However, this morning, the error returned, and I read in one of the forums to disable “social notifications”, which I did, and after I restarted my computer, it worked.

There were no issues as well this afternoon when I played. However, this evening, the same error occured - launching the game crashed the Internet on my computer. I understood that at this time of writing, the servers are down. However, the game still should not cut off the Internet for my PC!

I read in one thread that someone else encountered the same issue and it was only resolved after he purposefully slowed down his Internet, hinting that the game shuts off the Internet because there was too much traffic being transmitted to the server, and this could be signs of using a cheating program etc.

I do NOT use such programs, and I feel that if this is the case, I am being singled out for having very fast Internet connection ? I do hope that this is not the reason. Does anyone know how to resolve this please?

Best Regards,