Lavender Crawly Question

My Amara (still a lowly level 7 Siren, I’ve been pretty busy since release) discovered that if you go back and kill Lavender Crawly for the second time, after you kill Lavender, it will keep spawning into unique “sub-Crawlys” with unique names, some of whom wear hats.

I’m starting to think maybe this happens EVERY TIME you fight Lavender, but the first time I killed her body dropped off the map after killing the first form, so maybe that stopped the Pods that become the Sub Crawlys from appearing?

Are the Sub Crawlys supposed to appear every time?

Is that her “thing”?

Question in Spoiler tags.

They appeared in the first fight for me.


Same here. Your first fight must’ve gotten borked right off the bat.

Also, that whole fight’s a Downton Abbey reference, right?



Yes, that would make sense.