Lawbringer Build *The Zen of Nisha*

Just started playing TPS last month after years enjoying BL1 & BL2. I’ve soloed a Nisha Gritty Sheriff to Lvl 26 so far concentrating on automatic elemental guns & intend to take this toon to the game max level. Not using launchers or assault rifles too often as things work out better for me with the other gun types, have been switching off between purple absorb, adaptive, amplify & turtle shields depending on the environment. An important lesson from the first two games, early game lower level builds rarely bear much resemblance to what they end up being at the game’s high levels but still — here’s a start at lvl 26 for your critical comments & ideas. I’ll post a progress report like this once every 10 to 15 levels as I move Nisha up to the game max level for the community to share its thoughts. I can list or link to the gear I usually equip in the eight slots - they’re mostly current level (24 to 26) purple & some blue rarity - today I found my first Legendary Class mod in TPS for a Fragtrap of my level - I’m gunnin’ for one for Nisha now lol.,lv26

Usually you are better off with trying to put most points in a single tree as the later skills are more powerful. For example, you could have some points in Tombstone right now if you focused on Riflewoman.

Are you dying often ?

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@DeputyChuck not dying more than usual for a Borderlands game - for me this has always been a part of “the cost of doing business” - building good inventory and characters in GBX games. But no not dying too much. Also am a pretty careful player. But I’d thought I was buffing my survivability by putting all 4 points into Law & that was one reason I wasn’t dying more. But you’re saying I’ll need those four points in my Riflewoman branch?

I hadn’t heard that about Skill Tree investing in a single branch to the exclusion of the other two branches in TPS but I was tending in that direction you mention anyway, had only put points in Riflewoman & Fan the Hammer and hadn’t originally intended any investment in Law & Order but saw the skill Law which buffs shield cap & that seemed a logical enough investment, no? The rest of the skills in that branch look generally unappealing or unclear.

If I rebalance her Skill Tree to reflect 100% investment into a single branch - which branch do you prefer for the solo player and why? Why do you feel a max lvl player might have invested all his or her points into the Fan The Hammer or the Law & Order branch ?

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to study other players’ Nisha builds but all the top 25 builds linked on the GBX Forum “Nisha Builds” page/thread - these links are all broken [pointing blindly to an old GBX site that no longer renders] … so I don’t have a clue how experienced players think when they’re building their toons in TPS. Are there some other sites or places on GBX forums that gives these top 25 Nisha builds by Skill Trees (maybe includes some top gear for each build) or by working links to these Skill Trees? Also is it possible to please link some Solo Nisha builds you / your friends have respected over the years even if the builds aren’t your’s?

You mention some Nisha skills maybe game-changing pointing as an example to my missing investment by now in Tombstone. Honestly before you called my attention to it, I’d been 100% unaware it could be a game-changer - I didn’t think so by reading its description & really thank you for calling my attention to it. Of Nisha’s total 36 skills available on her Skill Tree, what other ones if any aside from Tombstone do you feel are game-changers?

ty for your help =D

@DeputyChuck - Experimenting with yr idea to get Tombstone moving. Lowered the investment in L&O + FTH. Trying out this amended Nisha Gritty Sheriff Lvl 26 & will give feedback when I have some. Thanks (y),auto

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That was the rational behind my question about you dying :slight_smile:

If you’re dying a lot, a solid investment in L&O would do you good. But if you are doing ok on that front, the Riflewoman tree adds a lot of DPS. I consider the Middle tree to be the least interesting and only dip in there with specific builds (and of course, at high level when you have too many skill points anyway.

However, Law is just ok… ORDER is where it’s at… once you have enough points to spend around, you should have at least 12 points spent in L&O … no exception. ALL Nisha builds benefit from at least that many points spent there.

Yeah, the change in platform for the forums has hurt us a lot when it comes to archived work, but you can find a few solid examples in this section. There are the few cookie-cutter builds centered around Jakobs guns of course, and a few others worth mentioning.

Order is a complete must-have once you have the points to invest in there. (Order stacking is a bit complicated to grasp, I encourage you to read the description carefully)
Of course, all the 1-pointers in the L&O tree are musts also.
One for each of Ya is absolutely nuts if you plan to use pistols
The Unforgiven Has killed more things for me than almost any other skill (except maybe tombstone) and it has saved my ass many times.
Unchained is VASTLY underestimated

There are others that are good of course, you should have a look at my Nisha Skill guide :slight_smile: (Just click on my avatar, there should be a link in there to it)


Promised I’d update my first game solo Nisha now Lvl 29 NVHM tried a Tombstone build which I’ve really liked but found a Celestial Lawbringer COM + am dying to try One 4 Each of Ya so I respecced to capitalize on both,lv29
Intend to build out both trees FAN & RIF to their two capstones then start building L&O but am flexible. Bosses weren’t a problem to solo until Zarpedon (or 2 Zarpadons lol) at the end of Eye to Eye - I’m trying, dying, retrying etc tips will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Start with this:

Then put the rest of the points wherever you want and you’ll see a big difference.

I can’t stress enough how good Order is… IF it’s well supported. All the middle collumn one-pointers increase your max stack count, which has a huge influence on your survival.

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Thanks Chuck. I’m starting to see how serious & precise your 12 in Order 1st suggestion is. I’ll try it without fail & update here with a report. It’s ironic that although previous to halfway through the 11th mission Eye to Eye, I hadn’t had any major concerns about defense / dying / tankiness but it was you who accurately forecasted I would soon & right on schedule Zarpedon starts killing lots of me lol.

The thing that burns my butt about the game’s structure where I’m stuck is that there are literally no Fast Travel Stations anywhere near where dying to Zarpedon and / or logging out & rebooting puts you & it’d take light years to go backwards far enough to reach the closest one.

I’ve gone backwards successfully all the way to the Traverse Veins of Helios sub-mission in Watch Your Step but there’s no way to jump high or far enough to make it all the way back to the opening of the huge Veins map at which you can exit back to a convenient Fast Travel Station. The resulting stalemate is that I can’t go forwards cos of Zarpedon nor backwards to do some optional quests or more of the DLCs :confused:

I’m told this is a common problem. Any solutions or ideas? A technical question about a concept a friend had for a solution: if I were to join his coop game & log out in Concordia, when I log back into my own solo game, will I be at Concordia? Or at my old useless “stuck point”?

Before respeccing in the game, I’ve worked out this Lvl 29 proposal for your consideration:,lv29 Gear I’ve been using (all L27 thru L29):
Class Mods = Celestial Lawbringer +18, Purple Unregulated Sheriff + 10
Oz Packs = 3DD1.E, Acidic Moonlight Saga
Grenade Mods = Incendiary Nasty Surprise, Homing Fire Bee, Rolling Thunder
Shields = Shooting Star and (all Purple …) various Absorb, Adaptive, Amplify, Spike, Turtle
Shotguns = Boomacorn, Doc’s Striker, Glitch Restructuring Face Time / corrosive
Pistols = Tactical Blowfly, Bowie Maggie
Lasers = Purple Thorny Ol’ Rosie / fire, Purple Inhibiting Arctic Fox Beam / cryo, E-Gun, Glitch Stimulating Subdivided Splitter / shock
Snipers = Client-Focused Omni Cannon, Purple Monstrous Snider / corrosive
SMGs = Glitch Analytical Transmurdera / fire, Purple Lucid Submalevolent Grace / cryo
Balance specs. Cash $38,000 Moonstones 50 BAR 2,800 (all 3.8%)

Two questions please: What do you mean by “[Order is] … IF it’s well-supported”? Is it good / expected behavior in TPS coop to inspect team mates’ inventory without asking? I’ll think of some others lol.

Many thanks :acmaffirmative::

No clue, sorry

That looks good to me :slight_smile:

For bosses adaptive would be your best bet IMO

Anything shock should help here. Playing the weaknesses is usually a better bet than going with "the best gun"
Are all these guns at level ?
you seem to have a lot of legendaries and high rarity stuff. Are some of them underleveled ?
That’s a common rookie mistake

Order alone with a max of 10 stacks is not that great. But if you also have the other skills that increase your max stack count, it gets REALLY good.

No idea :smiley: I never play coop with people I don’t already know and trust

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Chuck your points in order -

“No clue, sorry” = It’s ok thanks I finally solved it lol. Am finally back to my game in Sanctuary. Now I’ll respec into the new Lvl 29 Order build you liked & will do some optional missions & continue on the DLCs & Claptastic @ mission #2 File Search.

“For bosses adaptive … best bet”. Agreed. In BL2 & here, I start most boss solos @ range with a good amp shield & switch to adaptive to move in for the kill. No problems yet soloing the game’s bosses except for Zarpedon who was unnecessarily nasty & abusive. She shot the sheriff so I’m gonna have to kill her back.

“Anything shock would help …” I’d love more shock gear (just nailed a Storm Front which will help) but it’s been a relatively scarce element in TPS for me.

“Are these guns at level?” I’m a new 29 & yes all the arms I’m currently carrying / using are between 27 & 29.

“You seem … legendaries & high rarity … are some underleveled? A common rookie mistake.” No not underleveled nor a rookie in the BL series just in TPS & nah I realty don’t enjoy hurrying the game - there’s no need & you could miss out or overlook lots of very cool stuff. Maybe it seems that way to you cause I’m a solo player? I really don’t know though my friends go at a similar pace to mine. In a good ARPG like this I really enjoy spending the time in-game. For me, TPS has been more of a fun challenge than BL1 & BL2. As well, being able to buy legendaries from the vendors is a big step forward & great fun - something new for the BL series. Those vending machines & the occasional red chests are where most of the good stuff has been coming from - when I see one of those beauties in a vending machine as Item of the Day, how can I say no?

“Order …” We discussed up above & I think I’m pretty clear how the stacks work - kinda similar mechanic as there was in BL2 - ty for reminding me about other skills that increase the max stack count - will continue focusing on these such as the skill tree one-pointers.

“No idea :smiley: I never play coop with people I don’t already know and trust.” Same’s true for me - I wouldn’t play any coop games with randoms & recommend others don’t either. I sense there’s a misunderstanding about my question - to clarify, I was asking if it’s considered acceptable & expected behavior when playing TPS with family & friends (to put it in your & my terms cause neither of us plays with randoms) to inspect their inventories without asking because this is a feature that’s new to TPS. It seems very efficient & useful but still by nature even my family, friends & I wouldn’t crash in on each other nor would we go looking in people’s inventories without first being invited - that’s all I’m saying - it has nothing to do with who I play with in coop because I hardly ever play in coop - lol! Actually we always invite & on the inspection thing I’d been inviting first but friends suggested it’s not really necessary & I shouldn’t bother. I’m just looking for an independent opinion from an experienced TPS player who’s outside my family circle.

Thanks again for your continued guidance on Nisha - it’s really appreciated!!

Update solo Nisha Level 50 Celestial Lawbringer,lv50
Just keeping it up-to-date after taking a month off on business. Now @ the end of TVHM just about to enter UVHM. I don’t really understand why TPS doesn’t get the kind of respect BL2 does. Sure it’s different and it’s in Australian but I think it’s a great addition to the series. For my taste Claptastic dlc is tied with BL2’s Tina dlc for best dlc in the series. Onwards! :sunglasses:

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I’m with ya on this topic. I love them both and feel they were fantastically done. :innocent:


It’s my post and I’m taking it off-topic for a moment to share an artistic inspiration. How about an early 2018 Easter Egg for Gearbox BL3? Uh huh, everyone craves those from what I can see around here.

Last weekend while Nisha was screwing around in Clappy’s Subconscious, she had a vision that she was recruited to join Maya & Zer0 & the crew to address the challenges laying in store for us on the planet Promethea. Upon arrival, we’re introduced to a new player character who’s an expert in all things Promethean & with that our team recruits Sophie Bangs to assist our efforts to locate and plumb the riches of the Promethean vault. A good name, right? And one with real experience on-planet already. Really, it’s all pretty Zen to me. And hellsafire, it’s a better name than Janey Springs, isn’t it? Well no more spoilers at the mo’ & back to TPS. :thinking:

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Unfortunately, Nisha was killed off in the story line for BL2. So, she won’t be recruited to Promethea. She’s one of my fav characters. She was short lived, unfortunately.

I’ve heard a bit of the creators regretting killing her off. Well, didn’t hear, more like: I read it somewhere. :thinking:

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Right she was - so long ago playing BL2 that I forgot we killed her didn’t we? Too bad as you say. You can cancel it in my comment and replace it with another of the TPS playable classes to maintain my point - the forecasted BL3 Promethean vault hunter named Sophie Bangs with something like this back-story It was a great comic book series, she was a great protagonist & I’d love to see a playable version of her in a computer game about Promethea such as BL3 lol :cowboy_hat_face:

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