Lawbringer Resources Guide

This is a listing of various Lawbringer resources and guides.


Nisha’s Class Mods by Zhabalabada
Top Gear for Nisha by Chuck80


Nisha’s skills for tenderfoot by Chuck80
Wanted damage formula By Livin_Dead


Nisha damage skill formulas By Guyvatzian
Nisha’s Melee Formula By NeoSamus
Nisha Master Build List By Gulfwulf
Customization: Head and Skin Database for Nisha By Mirrorada


Fan the Hammer: an analysis of broken playstyle By Chuck80


You should add the Wanted equation from the old forum’s resource

@NinjaWitAttitude if you’re still updating this, the current build collection is now here. If you’re not, then I don’t mind taking it over. Thanks.

The wanted damage formula link should be

Nisha’s Melee Formula and Customization: Head and Skin Database for Nisha links are broken and should be updated with old in front of them.

So many broken links…Can you fix them please I am new player and need to read those guides thats the purpose of the forum,otherwise just delete them if you cant support the site properly.

The forum was moved over to a new platform a while ago and the old forum, where many of those links were hosted, was simply lost in the final step of the move.

So those links aren’t really broken as much as the content doesn’t actually exist anymore. :frowning: