LBT with Fire Bone?

Could a heavily LBT-specced Mechromancer (Leg. Catalyst) find use for the fire BoA on maps with mainly flesh enemies? Namely, using a Storm to proc Electrical Burn. Or is Gaige not strong enough to pull that off well? I was thinking using a shock BoA might be redundant, especially if I’m using a Bee shield…

Go with a shock bone, because of the way EB works it amps the fire damage as well, I don’t recomend the Bee on Gaige as a rule, she does plenty of damage. and a L. Catalyst build works all the way to 72, it falls off into the OP levels because of Damage Resistanc, but I know of a few guys that have even made it work there.

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One of my Mechromancers is a Maliwan allegiance character, and dang if I can’t pry that Legendary Catalyst COM out of her fingers :laughing: I use it at OP3, and it’s freaking awesome: for me, it changed Little Big Trouble builds in the OP levels from a workable niche to a strategy open to customization.

The Storm in Gaige’s hands is a thing of beauty, and with a Legendary Catalyst COM and a shock Bone of the Ancients, most chump-level enemies can die in one shot from the resulting DoT. Heavier enemies can die as well; after the first shot, I usually fire near them so they eat the DoT while Interspersed Outburst counts back up; by the time the slag wears off, IO is back to 5, and a direct hit re-slags the target for “free”. It’s not ammo efficient to pursue, for example, a high-level Bruiser or Scavenger like this, but it does work (and it’s surprisingly good at ganking buzzards - seriously, make sure you have enough points to reliably slag with Interspersed Outburst and points in Electrical Burn, and try it).

If I’m carrying fire weapons (for no other reason than because I want to), I’ll use a fire relic because Electrical Burn won’t be triggering (but my fire weapons will). If I go all shock weapons, then I use a shock relic, which works better as @Wingsday described.

Electrical Burn is affected by both shock and fire Bones in the same way. If you are using mainly fire guns and only the Storm I would suggest the fire Bone of the Ancients and if you are using mainly shock guns, like the Twister, the shock Bone of the Ancients.
Storm DoT is based on the gun damage and is boosted by Anarchy and Amp damage so your EB is going to melt things with the Bee and BSS helps with survivability and keeping the Amp damage up.

Everyone can make it work on OP8. It’s not just ‘a few guys’ as if though it required a great deal of skill.
Match elements, take advantage of your EE procs and remember to slag your enemies.
That is literally it.

Fair point, I guess it’s just not concidered an optimal build.

Depends a bit on the opposition, but the thread is about LBT and by extension DOTs.

Digistruct Peak has been out for quite a long time now and I think most of us have gotten past the feeling that we need to min/max every step we take in the Borderlands. For mobbing and Peak runs a Catalyst build is very viable indeed.
There’s still plenty of build/gear variety and everything tends to die as Bog intended *.

*I wanted to throw in a smiley at the end, but the emoticons on these forums are so ugly they make my stomach turn. Please accept one in spirit. Or maybe something like this: ( ^ω^)

Well yeah, I’m quite aware of that, but it is still important to note when something is a min/maxed sub-optimal build versus a min/maxed optimal build because, unfortunately, the way a lot of things are scaled in BL2, not all builds are created equal, and not everyone is as skilled a player as some on this forum.

Noted, although I’ll refer again to the OP being about the LBT tree and a build based around it. For my own tastes I find a Catalyst build superior in some situations, especially target-rich, dense maps.

Given that a number of builds work fine as long as the player is willing to adapt to the exceptions (it frequently comes down to spawn luck) dividing them into optimal vs. sub-optimal might be seen as too rigid by some, especially given variances in playstyle.

I think we’re splitting hairs at this point, TBH, which is generally fine in a forum, but with timezones being what they are (very late here) I can’t really think of anything to add right now.

Splitting hairs is what we do here for sure ^.^

I wish we could do that in-game, possibly for an additive double crit modifier.
Or should it be multiplicative (^_~) ?

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