LC cryo/fire cutsman crossroad lucian call

Rawan’s call shock/ rad
Unending magnificence non-e/ corrosive
Flakker norm/ rad
Storm front
Gatling gun
Butchers rad/ cryo / non-else
Redundant face puncher
Lucian call corrosive
Shock/ corrosive crossroad
Handsome jackhammer fire/ shock / non-e
The duc
Fire lyuda
Infinity ruthless /vicious / fire / rad
Night hawkin burst/ full auto
Laser sploder shock/ cryo
Fast ball fire/ cryo
Boring gun anioted 125% to badass
Conference call cryo/ non-e
Dp breeder
Dp thorns

Psn: th3-kill3r-vii

Up up

Will trade fire cutsman for that corrosive crossroad? Psn Quiixotiic-_

Sure I’ll add

I got crossroads and lucians call in cyro/fire but looking for elemental projector static charge!

Sorry don’t have it

is the fire lyuda x2 bullets per shot? if it is il give you a cutsman?