(Leak?) Unnoticed and interesting

This occurred on Twitter during the announcements that Gearbox foresaw before PAX 2019.

Check this comment from Alex Haisting, the CEO of an independent game studio called High Five Studios, whose first project is also a (weird) WW2 game.

[ Photo https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D1xlp9bWwAAbk4Q.jpg ]

Apparently this man got a gift from a Gearbox developer during the SxSW 2018 convention; an engraved image of Brothers in Arms on what looks like a type of plaque. What makes me more intrigued is that one of the soldiers represented has winter googles , clothing never used in the saga before.

I found this real photograph of the Battle of the Bulge, which shows a U.S. soldier using identical googles.

Any opinions?


Probably they are working on the last Brothers in Arms… I hope it

There’s what appears to be a BiA easter egg in the new BL2 DLC:

It’s a bit difficult to see because the item card is covering part of the scene, but there’s a WW2 US helmet on a stake at the head of the grave. Also, the item is random but can include this:

Interesting choice of red unique item text!


Wow, nice catch! No doubt is a a BIA’s reference.

Is it me or did I just freak out a bit when I saw the “Every soldiers has two families” quote in Borderlands?

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OMFG. Why am I just NOW seeing this?? Stupid politics thread in off-topic is CONSUMING me!!

Please, God. Please let another BIA be in the near future…