[LEAK- Unofficial] Borderlands GOTY for PC PS4, XONE on Korean Ratings Board

As with every leak, take it with a HUGE grain of salt. But I really hope BL1 remaster is happening.


It would seem like the next few months will be interesting indeed…never seen so many leaks (apart from when i was in Thailand after the monsoon). I’d play it on PS4, for sure.

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Eh. Unless they put the time and effort into making it a proper remake instead of just a graphical remaster, I don’t think it’d be worth it. Everyone who plays it still plays it on PC anyways, and a very few like me still on PS3 so if that’s the only change it doesn’t seem like it’d be worth the money. The Handsome Collection was more of a grab at new players or people jumping onto the PS4 at the time, so that just carrying over made more senses, but BL1 is a drastically older, different beast compared to BL2 and the Pre-Sequel.


I was always a fan of BL1 remaster idea. And while BL1 is older and different, it’s still a great game and could use some improvements, like auto money pickup or more fast travels in DLCs.
I’m certain many players would enjoy improved BL1 on newer consoles, and it could also fill the void for some while waiting for next Borderlands game.
And honestly - PC could use some improvements too, like built in FOV slider, better kb+mouse support, optimisation improvements etc.

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I got into the series through Tales and then The Handsome Collection and eventually bought a used BL1 GOTY Edition for my 360. I think I’d be interested in a nice updated version of BL1 just to have the complete series in nice HD versions on my XB1, especially since some of the DLCs for BL1 aren’t backwards compatible for some reason and the second disc of the GOTY version doesn’t work on XB1.

You should be able to get them all working just fine. I’m on XB1 and all the DLCs work (also using the 360 GOTY disk.) Would be nice to see better graphics and some other tweaks though. Especially (as mentioned either here or elsewhere) a FOV slider.


Oh, they must have fixed it since I last tried it then. Still, I’m down for an upgrade.

I also like the idea of a Borderlands remaster. I wasn’t expecting this leak or the remaster anymore. Because back in December 2014 a remaster was also listed on the Australian Rating Board. When I first heard about this leak I could only find articles like the one mentioned above. It mentions the remaster without any proof, in the case above the link died. Luckily I was able to find some screenshots.

The thing that stands out is that it’s also listed for PC. So there has to be some upgrades to the game in order to justify a re-release on that platform right? In my twitter poll most people are for a remaster instead of a simple rerelease (currently 82% vs 18%).

I hope it’s coming but like I mentioned there has been a leak before and that still resulted in nothing almost 4 years later.


Is it possible that the 2014 “leak” was actually the result of a name error in filing for a rating on the Handsome Collection (released in March 2015)? (Or maybe it was a generic place-holder name). That seems to be the view of whoever created the wikipedia entry for the Handsome Collection, anyway.


Interesting hypothesis, I was not aware of this.
I don’t see rating boards use placeholder names. If it was placeholder the id number would stay the same only the info on it would be updated right. The item is currently still not listed under the name or ID.

Ports/Remasters can be done pretty quick. I know “the legend of zelda: the wind waker HD” took 6 months. It does depend on your resources, the amount of rework, and additional content that has to be done.

It’s possible that a part of the team over at 2K aus already transferred to the next project (But then you can ask why they didn’t do the Handsome Collection themselves). However 2K wanted to move the studio to a bigger city and the employers didn’t want to relocate resulting in closing down the studio. It’s possible that this resulted in putting the project on hold. But this is also just a theory, A GAME THEORY !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t forget the elimination of the tax credits relied on by game development studios - it wasn’t just about moving to a different city. Anyway, back on point: A “Borderlands Remaster” is as good a name as any if marketing hasn’t green-light the final name, so it could well have been what was filed (due to deadlines with the ratings board) ahead of time. And the timing definitely works well for that scenario.

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Yes indeed. It would now seem likely we do have a gap for any new Borderlands, so bringing back a game which A LOT of people have asked for, makes sense on many fronts. Mr Mars was correct in the remaster camp, it really doesn’t take too much to do. I remember reading a good article a few years back highlighting the steps that were taken to port a game to a different platform, yet alone remastering it.

I’m sure it makes sense for marketing reasons, franchise, keeping a large chunk of the fans happy, and if they worked efficiently no doubt profitable to a decent extent. We all like playing new games, but a lot of Borderlands fans are newer than B1, so i’m sure it’d be snapped up. I’m sure it’s a win-win for GBX.

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