Learn something new every day

I’ve always stood by this saying, and it keep life interesting. So I guess I’ll go first. You can teach something obscure you already know, or something you just learned.

The singular form of confetti is confetto.


Cats dont meow at other cats, only humans.

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Awesome thread idea!

This one may be common knowledge to some, but cold showers are really beneficial for your health. They’re good for your hair and skin, help with muscle soreness and recovery, and improve circulation which leads to a bunch of other cardiovascular and cognitive benefits. I take one every day whether it’s freezing outside or not.

Yes, it’s pretty much torture…

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Maintenance Play Begin meter snapshots, if the meter values are not subsequently lost, will not require the auditors to manually correct the entry. If the meter values are subsequently lost, the single Maintenance Play Begin snapshot will require audit to manually correct the entry but the math for the meter values will still be correct.

Huh. I clicked this out of vague curiosity, I like the idea.

White bread will spike your blood sugar more than actual sugar will.

From recollection aren’t you advised to take first a hot then a cold shower for circulation? I actually do the same thing (after I finish my shower).

Hmm. I’m sure that dramatic of a change will increase it more, yes, but I don’t think it’s necessary given our usual body temperature. I would imagine that change alone would be enough, but I’ll get back to you if I can dig somethin’ up with numbers. I’ve been showering like that for a few years so it’s not fresh on my mind.

I did a brief check because I don’t recall what I based it on either, but the evidence is fairly thin. There’s decent evidence for it in regards to post exercise muscle soreness, but even that only involved a third of the necessary participation for a serious study, and I can only locate citations for the studies rather than the studies themselves. That’s just for cold water therapy, I found nothing worth caring about on contrast therapy.

I’m going to spew so much cat facts.

A cats kidneys are efficient enough to allow them to drink seawater to rehydrate.

That’s so bizarre. Did not know that.

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And Wheat bread just as fast as white bread, for all you wheat junkies. whole grain bread is less sugar spiking, but grains in general are bad for you.

cat liver is toxic.

A group of cats is called a clowder.

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M&M’s originally were intended for soldiers, as a non-messy way to have chocolate on the battlefield. The hard candy shell kept the chocolate from melting on the soldier’s hands, in case they had to use their guns on short notice.

I have a Raccoon fact:
Popular to contrary belief, raccoons are not actually bears.


Contrary to popular belief, a cats natural diet dosnt consist of fish.
They nor their ancestors never caught nor ate them in the wild.

Those tiny little wheels on my firewood wagon actually have inner tubes (little things about the size of some little kid’s water wings).

Did you know contrary to popular belief sneezes do not travel 100 mph

the strongest acid known to man is the fluoroantimonic acid (HF-SbF5)
melts through everything, the only thing capable of containing are teflon made containers

There’s a disease that prevents people from sleeping (as in, unable to actually sleep).
It’s so rare, only 10 families are affected BUT children in the family will have it.

That has to be the worst disease I’ve heard of yet.

If you rearrange the letters in the following sum:
You can spell:
Additionally, both sums equal each other: 13.


it turns out autistic meltdowns can chain react.