Learn something new every day

Well you’d go berserk if you got packed into shiny metal boxes with a bunch of other lemmings


Sounds like our public school system.


Actually the lyrics are pretty bleak. Never really noticed just how bleak until now.

I guess I Learned Something New. Today.


That is pretty dark.


I haven’t tried it yet since it’s been above freezing the last few days, but apparently a ziplock bag full of hot water is a bang-up way to defrost your windshield.


Basically, whale poop is on the jello end of the Bristol scale, so they don’t need as a large a butt as their overall size might suggest.

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Today I learned that Celestial Seasonings tea was founded and created by members of a wacky alien worshipping cult.

And also that obstinately claiming superhuman authorship can prevent you from profiting on your engaging, racist, and even eugenics romanticizing, fantasy narrative.

From the article:
The Urantia Book , a 4.3-pound, 2,097-page tome, published first in 1955, is a modified Seventh-Day Adventist text supposedly communicated to an anonymous man in a trance by aliens. In reality, it was likely authored in the early 1900s by a psychiatrist named William Sadler, who used it as a vessel for his racist ideas. (You can download the entire thing for free: Because the Urantia Foundation asserts that its authorship is superhuman, an Arizona court ruled in 1995 that it’s not protected by copyright and is, thus, in the public domain.)

I don’t know if I’m more upset that I drink their product or that they don’t put any of their good drugs in it.


OK, that is one awesome judgement right there!

I used to drink Celestial Seasons teas quite a bit back in the 1990s, because they were one of the few brands offering caffeine-free herbal tea blends that were readily available. I’m more of a 3 Crowns consumer now, largely because they’re cheaper and the local Bulk Barn carries a large selection of them.


Starting in 2004 many El Al (Israel’s national airline) planes have missile defence systems.

the new system, housed in a pod under the fuselage, employs an infrared missile-tracking camera, an “infrared (IR), ultra-violet (UV), or radar missile-approach warning (MAWS) sensor to detect a missile launch in the very early stages of an attack” and a laser system meant to jam the incoming missile’s “seeker” and “cause it [the missile] to be diverted away from the aircraft.”

the new system costs $1 million per plane and will be installed on several Israeli airlines, including El Al, that fly “sensitive routes.”


I always assumed the freezing point of sea water was much much lower than zero but apparently it’s only -1.8C.



The freezing point of the Dead Sea would be significantly lower. Although if it gets that cold there then things have really gone crazy!

Atlantic: 3.3–3.7% by mass
Dead Sea: 34% by mass

So about 10x saltier.


Officially renamed in 2021 due to their frequently stolen sign. :rofl:


Southern Germany and Austria have lots of places ending on -ing, or -ingen in the Southwest.

I actually used to joke that every second town down there is named Fuckingen or something similar, til I learned of the Austrian one in your article :laughing:


I want to see both Mozart birthplace and where the sound of Music was filmed!
And of course Vienna. :man_shrugging:

If i get my :poop: together, unlikely at this rate. I might have a chance to make a little european tour visiting my nephew in Aix-La-Chapelle ahem… I mean Aachen. :relaxed: