Least favorite Battleborn

Based solely on personality who is your least favorite Battleborn? Not talking about abilities, based only on how they act. For me I’m going to go with Boldur, because I just find him loud obnoxious and completely unbearable.He takes credit for all the handwork others did. Sure he basically raised Thorn which is great, but I just can’t bring myself to like his annoying as hell personality. Someone like Miko may lack a personality, but at least he/she/it isn’t annoying.

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Thorn is here and it’s all thanks to Boldur hahaha.

Like I said, that’s great. He did that, now he can disappear.

So far all his lines and taunts have been… unimpressive and bland.
Good character to play, zero personality.

Look it’s Boldur’s backside.

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I personally like Benedict as a character. He’s pretty high on my list, but I can see why others wouldn’t like him.

That’s not helping.

Oh no its another Jennerit baby.

His pack taunts are hallways decent.

Jennerit babies are probably still taller.

Honestly the only one I like is the rolling one

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In all seriousness he is a drunk and I feel it comes through well. He is loud, obnoxious and gives about 0 ■■■■■. He is classy as can be.


I can see your point, but I still don’t like him. I take it he’s high on your list?

Dance III is a dance just like his other 2 dances, Dance I and Dance II.
I haven’t played Benedict enough in story mode for all his quotes, maybe he has some personality. But from what I’ve seen from playing him enough to get his air gliding lore, he’s just bland. On that note, Boldur has more personality than him and that obnoxiousness of his isn’t that bad.

Not in the slightest I hate almost all the Eldrid. Mellka being the exception. In general my favoritessay are any LLC or Rogue and Jenneritsee besides ambra.

I do agree that the taunts could have been better. Benedict always comes off as really cocky (which is probably why his taunts are the way they are), but it’s funny to me whenever he dies. He always seems to take it way too heart. Like if he loses it means others won’t see him as the bigshot he thinks he is. I find this hilarious, because All the other battleborn(except maybe Monty) freaking can’t stand him. That’s kind of why I like him. His delusions of grandeur are actually kind of entertaining once you see them as just that. Plus, I love the back and forth him and Toby have.

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Criticism of Benedict’s taunts will be considered heresy of the highest order. His taunts (or at least two of them) are the “chicken dances” from Arrested Development.

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Whiskey…Of all the characters I’ve played in Advanced Story mode he was the least impressive.

Yeah the Eldrid are my least favorite. I’m meh on Kelvin. He is kind of bland, but I do like how strangely poetic he is despite his appearance. Miko is devoid of personality, Already mentioned Boldur and if I hear one more @#$%ing water pun from Alani I’m going to cap a Dolphin. Thorn is okay, don’t know why she has a Russian accent though.

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Kelvin and Boldur are two of my favorite to play due to not many people realizing just how strong that late game is. I just don’t enjoy listening to them except when Kelvin kills a Miko that is funnier than hell.

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