Least Played Batteborn?

I’m curious after all these nerds and new content, along with new battleborn, I’m curious who is now the least played battleborn character.
Personally I think it might be El Drägon.
Have have seen very VERY few people play him and the only time I played as him was for the achievement to play every battleborn and I just did not like his play style.
Other then that my second guess would be Toby. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually see Oskar the least but that might just be me

Really? I actually see a handful play as Oscar.
I myself have played him a few times.
All around a good one to play, pretty balanced.

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can´t deny him being balanced but yet i almost never see him
^while in the last ten games i saw 3 el dragons and 5 tobys

for me on incursion? It’s pretty varied.

As far as Average through Skilled players go on incursion…since winter update the ones i see the least are id say…

attikus, el dragon, kleese (i think he’s fine balance-wise but ive played enough incursion now since WM and i simply HAVE. NOT. SEEN. HIM), Toby (though I did see one amazing toby who posts on here today who shall remain nameless :slight_smile: ).

I rarely see melka post-WM… though when I do see her, she’s always god-tier and carrying her entire team. No joke and zero sarcasm.

I see more reyna’s now than I see kleese…which is pretty wild to me. I actually see many more reyna’s in incursion now than back in the day

Well all the casual Mellka player dropped her after her DOT nerf but those dedicated Mellka player don´t need that extra damage and can fight it with pure skill
@EdenSophia for example is still a godlike Mellka as far as I know
That goes for all the underplayed characters
They mostly became unattractive for the casuals but the Pros of these specifics still carry with them

For me, because TECHNICALLY it still counts if the characters are on my team (and a lot of the people i play with use uncommon characters like Kelvin, Attikus, El Dragon, etc.), the character i see the LEAST would be Shayne & Aurox.

Don’t know why… They are awesome, and one of the five characters that i use.

In Story and OPs it’s Attikus, Dragon, Rath and Reyna.

Still play Mellka:>


You are an unsung hero, Drool…

You what what? I’mma gonna MAKE you a song!

Grabs lute, and starts getting all bardy up in here.

“Oh, Droolzilla! Little Oak of the West!”
“He continues to Mellka, when she’s not at her best!”

That’s… All i’ve got for now. Pretty sick, right? I think i’m gonna become a bard, because these tights are stylish as hell!


I hardly ever see ISIC’s or Whiskey Foxtrots. Next to those, probably Attikus and El Dragon and they are almost always either dumpster fire trash or god tier

Edit: Really nobody is as rare as they used to be. We’ve finally reached a point where most of the roster is viable to varying degrees imho

Attikus. I definitely like his concept, and he does gain some noticeable power spikes as he levels up…However, I feel there’s still too much that keeps him from being a good Disruptor character. I intend to get all characters to rank 20 at some point, so I’ll be playing with big boy regardless. That said, he would see much more play if:

  1. He had some type of damage reduction effect in his kit. It could either be an augment for his Pounce, or an innate effect on his Pounce that you get when he’s at full charge. Speaking of Pounce…

  2. The cooldown on it needs to come down some. While it is an escape, it is primarily supposed to be his initiation ability. Having a 25 second cooldown on it seems to long in my mind. I also wish they would give up the silence and just bring back his knockback.

I think you get those two changes going, and you likely make him more appealing to the general playerbase.

Caldarius is my absolute least played battleborn

For me there are a couple that are very rarely chosen since the last 2 patches.

Attikus, El Dragon, Pendles and Toby.

Regardless of the recent Melka nerfs, I still encounter plenty of good Melkas performing amazingly. I was expecting Melka character to be used a lot less frequently but that’s not the case on XBox1.

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I’ve actually seen a lot more Mellka’s. They seem to think she’s been buffed :stuck_out_tongue:
They’ve not done well

The least seen character for me is a tie between Attikus, ISIC, and when it comes to people who aren’t new, Oscar Mike. All are now very difficult to excel with

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Attikus, Oscar Mike, Kleese.

Yaknow, now that I think about it, since the WU, I think I’ve played with maybe one Kleese. I haven’t played with any Boulders either, which is weird.

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Eden stopped playing Battleborn.