Least played character online?

Just got the game and am curious

I don’t know if there are any hard stats out there, but I think all of the characters are pretty well represented.

Possibly Krieg, only because he was the latest release, and the other characters had more time to rack up play time before he was even out? I don’t think that’s the answer the OP is looking for though, right or wrong.

Oh no I don’t mean total playtime just generally least seen when you go into netplay

In my experience it has to be gaige or axton.

I never seem to run into Zer0s or Axtons

Oh. I don’t join open games so I don’t know.

I use Sal the least and either Axton or Maya the most.

Well, here’s my use list:

Y: Maya, Axton/Gaige*
N: Salvador/Krieg/Zero*

*more-or-less in that order

According to the October 2013 “Great Loot Hunt,” The most played character is Axton:

I’m sure they won’t but they really should do this again


Did not know that. Nor did I know about the 15,866,600,000 octopi eggs.

I don’t join open lobbies either, but drawing on my sadly limited experience with co-op play I get the feeling that Gaige and Krieg would take more experience to effectively play in co-op.

While all characters rely on kill skills (and it thus makes sense to ‘share’ victims more or less equally) those two are the ones I’ve had the most trouble playing good co-op as, since I’m more likely to just kill everything which moves when on a roll.
My partner might well wind up mooching around half way down the map wondering where the heck he/she placed their turret - not that it matters anymore.

Obviously that’s down to my lack of co-op experience and co-op skill, but many others have said the same leading me to think I’m not alone in this (?)

Interesting question… mostly speculation on my part but I think it might be Maya. Looking at Steam achievements only 13% of players (granted out of people who own the game, inc people who haven’t played it) have Maya’s phaselock achievement. Considering you get the achievement after only a few hours of Maya play that suggests people don’t instinctively choose her. Maybe a gender thing (i don’t mean to stir up a debate about that issue though).

At higher levels Im never surprised to see any class in a public game, I guess because people more committed to the game also put effort into multiple characters. Maya’s definitely a popular OP8 class. Because she’s awesome.

They do. Neither has an action skill suited to co-op play and they rely on kill skills to keep them going.

You’re not alone, dude. :dukecheese:

And she’s also the prettiest. :dukeego:

No, Krieg is the prettiest! :smiley: image

That’s rather disturbing…It reminds me of this meme I created awhile back:



I am both impressed and horrified.



My username has words written next to it.


You have only yourself to blame for this.

It does? I generally ignore that. :dukewhistle: