Least played heros

I see kelvin played a lot less then used too, even when he got his two second stun back, El Dragon applies too because of his nerf. Those two are least played. Ghalt on the other hand is REALLY extinct, I play Ghalt a lot as he’s my most worked on hero, but I never see anyone else play him. In a month I might find one or two Ghalt players and that’s it, he’s one of the best guys to plays as, so it boggles my mind why no one plays as him, can someone give me an answer?

I dont play as ghalt due to having him mastered. Ive been working on mastering all the characters.

I wouldn’t be surprised if people are stil miffed about his changes to the kit.
Personally, I don’t hate him, but I find his kit not exactly exciting.

Yeah it’s one note… a shotgun

Because pol dont play healers, if they do they suck :confused: thats why i cant play other héroes.

It’s because Ghalt has extremely low survivability (slow, easy target, no escape), and requires good team coordination to be effective.

People build him for DPS, and then wonder why they keep dying so quickly when they try to take on the enemy team without back-up.

The pull is very powerful, but only effective when everyone knows you pulled someone and that they should focus them.

He’s my most played, with around 70 matches (most characters I play are around 20~ something matches)

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I did not start playing ghalt until after the change, and I like him a lot. I build attack dmg, low cost +140 shield ( add that to his shield helix, its great), and a blue crit dmg. I rarely die as him, mainly due to hanging back and waiting. He hits like a truck at close range, and by level 3 my shield is @680 with good recharge I can be a little more in people’s face. I like playing toons that most people don’t play. If you really get good with them, you can really put out some hurt because most won’t know how to deal with you.

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Attikus is a prime example of the unexpected powerhouse. Very few people know what he is capable of, and even fewer know how to protect themselves from him.

He’s the nightmare that comes screaming out of the dark when you least expect him, then he disappears just as quickly.

@Nick_Infidel I usually use two damage reduction items on him: Rare UPR damage reduction and Epic UPR max health. Then, I use a Rare Rouge attack speed for a dps buff. I used to run +shield strength back when he had his slugs, but I think I’ll swap my max health item for a shield strength item one round and see how it goes for me.

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