Least popular or hardest lore?

Xbox did an update to their achievements so that it says the exact percentage of people who have played the game that have unlocked the achievement. It used to just say the percentage rounded, so most Lore achievements just said 1%, now it says the decimal points. So…

The three least unlocked achievements are…

  1. Kid Ultra 0.10%
  2. Beatrix 0.16%
  3. El Dragon 0.17%

I know El Dragon has had times where he’s been wildly popular, but his En Fuego kills is very difficult Lore. Beatrix is new so somewhat expected she’s low, Kid Ultra though, I thought that was interesting. He’s not too difficult. So I wonder if he’s maybe just the least popular Battleborn. The new Story Op has higher achievements than all three.

I just thought I’d share that. Maybe see what people think about it. Is it unpopularity or just lore difficulty? I expressed my thoughts.

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Well in regards of “hard” Kid Ultra is not the hardest… but if you look at his Lore, there are some really annoying tid-bits… also maybe some people don’t know about Stellar Cast being doable solo now with his Healing Helix on LvL 10?

I was sure there would be Alani… but the “Life guards have given up” doesn’t seem to be a problem for the XBox sports, I guess?

Nah, I would´nt say that. It took my fiance ages to complete and many other XB1-players had the same problem - I still have not one count on this lore as well…
Also thought Alani would be in this Top 3, Kid Ultra´s lore did´nt looked so badly. (Have´nt played him though)

Not really, his DPS is just under 500 while En Fuego so it’s easy to get some kills with it depending on the game mode. Most people just don’t play him at all.
That said on PS4, it still rounds to the nearest tenth of a percentage so the top three right now are

KU: .1%

Beatrix: .2%

El Dragon: .2%

Next two are Toby and Boldur at .3% and .4% respectively. I think Boldur’s is so low because of the woodsworn challenge. It can be difficult for most people to get 5 friends together. Toby’s is because of Killing on the Rails obviously.

Just checked again, Benedict and Pendles are also at .4% with Boldur. Their lore challenges aren’t difficult but just take time to get.

I think Alani isn’t in the top of this list because of how long she’s been out. More people have had more time to play with her and she’s never really been weak so a lot of people play her.

Also while on this topic, the least obtained, non character lore trophy on PS4 is for completing all story missions on hardcore at .4%. I’m not going to count the one for Phoebe’s DLC since it just came out and not everyone will even have it but it’s at .2% and obviously I’m not counting the Platinum Trophy.

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Well with Kid Ultra you have to play a minimum of 25 public games with him, and get ~5 direct hits with your 18 sec cooldown drones on wounded allies. Which is a tallish order if you don’t particularly like him, and he is the 2nd newest hero.

But the one that alludes me is the stun 3 Battleborn at once as Kelvin.

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Yeah, Kelvins was annoying. My team mates were getting real pissed at me while I was working on that, because I had to be in the center of combat to get it done. I tried doing it in Bots so that I wouldn’t bring the team down, but it didn’t count there.

Kid Ultras was very tedious. Not difficult, just way too many games.

I just finished my last lore about an hour ago! So now I’m 100% on all my Lore!

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For Kid Ultra, hitting three battleborn with bola is hard imo. It just takes a long time to hit 4 enemies with clothesline 100 times with El Dragón.
Beatrix looked pretty easy though.

Kid Ultra is just a matter of time, or luck with the bolts and To The Rescue, since I find fewer players grouping up these days.
Been playing Alani since she came out and I just yesterday got TLHGU. Such a pain.
El Dragon is a pain with price of disarmament and the en fuego kills. It doesn’t seem to last long enough.
For me, the other tough one is pendles with the toxic lifestyle, which I’m starting to get the hang of, and hitman, which is smoke bomb during CC. If I had a better idea of what moves are considered CC, I might have a better chance.
The only other ones I don’t have are kill X with Y, which I can’t do in bots battle, so I’d like to do last since I hate getting curbstomped by premades.

You can farm those easy if you get slowed by enemy Accelerators… or Thumper Turrets, if you survive that damage.

Don’t know if it also counts with Wound/Blind/Dmg Debuff, but if you got a Bomb left and get slowed you can use it.

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Do a Meltdown match, go towards the enemy side, they have a slow station, just stand by it so you’re affected, and then use your smoke bomb.

CC is any negative effect. Bleed, blind, slow, stun (which you can’t smoke bomb during a stun…), etc.

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At the moment, I’d say

  1. Kid Ultra - Heal/damage 4 Battleborn with one use of his ultimate. Getting it legitimately is really circumstancial if you don’t have players to help you. It’s easy to cheese, but legitimately (which is the one I’m counting) it’s quite difficult. Not to mention you need to do it 10 times.

  2. Toby - Score a double kill with his ultimate. It’s a lot easier now than what it used to be, but it still remains highly circumstancial. This however is also cheesable, but you rely on the opponents being willing to give it to you. I had a couple of friends who completed this lore by going into Chaos rumble when it first came out and went on mic in the global chat and asked whether they could get the double kills. After that the opponents could farm them for kills, that was their deal.

  3. There are, overall, no more challenging lores. You’ll get most of them by just playing as they have low requirements. I’d say just any character which has challenges which says “Do X Y amount of times in Z amount of matches.” (Kid Ultra) or “Do X amount of damage with Y in Z amount of matches.” (Orendi, Marquis, Beatrix etc.) Not because they’re difficult, but because your progression is locked and progress more than a certain amount is lost. Not to mention that there’s no progression if you don’t fill the “Y-requirement” in either case.

Before the lore-nerfs, it used to be (as far as I’m concerned at least);

  1. Toby - 10 double kills with his ultimate which also was considerably weaker. At that point Battleborn had a more balanced matchmaking as well, so it was fairly rare to get stomp matches.

  2. El Dragón - It’s not because of his En Fuego kills though (which used to be 50), but because you had to kill 1000 minions with Dragon Splash. Reason being that it was a highly specific challenge with a huge requirement. You had to kill them, the victims had to be minions and you had to kill them with dragonsplash specifically which obviously had its cooldown. While that atill is the case, you had to do get 1000 of those kills. I played El Dragón a whole lot on Meltdown as I did his lore for the En Feugo kills as wel as the dragon splash kills. When I finished the 50 En Fuego kills, I only had 250 of those dragon splash kills.

  3. Ambra/Galilea/Whiskey Foxtrot - Kill Galilea/Ambra/Oscar Mike 25 times. You had to rely on luck that the players would choose the character you had to kill when you chose that character. Then you had to be the one coming out on top. 25 times. And get the killing blow, it had to be your kill.

Honorable mentions would be Ghalt’s 10 first bloods and ISIC’s 250 minion kills with Plasma dash.

All in all though, the vast majority of the lore challenges have always been easy. It’s just been a matter of the limit of the challenge. One of the challenges which took me the longest to complete was Kleese’s 500 kills with his ult. It’s really easy, but you need to do it a lot. After all, even though you got a really good Black hole with 10 kills, you still would have to have gotten 49 more of those.

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This was a huge pain for me back before the lore tweaks, especially since I was working on Gals at the time and Ambra was not in a good spot so you very seldom saw her in a match. Then there’s the fact that, as you just said, you had to kill the character 25 goddamn times, which often meant a person had to go out of their way in order to do so, which, of course, may or may not have ended up jeopardizing the flow of the match (overextending and such).

That’s before the possibility that people were avoiding playing certain characters for this specific reason, metagame be damned. No one likes being killed, and couple that with the possibility of someone actively pursuing you the entire match and you have a lot people picking up their star and going the ■■■■ home.


Remember having kill 1000 enemies with Reyna’s Laser Pistol?

(Sideshow Bob grumble)

KU if you get to level 10 and take the healing over time you can cheese that lore. Find a hurt ally and just go out of heal range and back into it over and over. Every time you do it counts. Can get it all done in a few games.

Toby can be done in botbattles and it’s the 2nd kill that needs to be with the ultimate.

Example: 1st can be kill OR assist with any attack, and 2nd must be a kill with ultimate.

El Dragon is gonna be long…

Alani’s Lifeguard lore is easier if you take Riptide as your healing power. You can line up your whole team in the waiting room before a match and hit them all at once. Step forward to make sure you hit yourself as well.

I think the hardest is Boldur’s Woodsworn lore. Without a 5-man pre-made willing to sac a game to do it, it’s basically impossible.

I’d say most of the Lore will just happen over playing enough. Some of them are just really grindy, others are just very circumstantial. But most will just eventually happen without trying.

Even the PvP ones are that way, though they at least require enough skill or luck with opponents in PvP to get. More frustrating, but not really more interesting.

Finally, there’s the challenges that are just straight bugged, or suffer because of the game’s population.

The one that I really found interesting and had to work for was Phoebe’s Addonexus. It’s one that just wouldn’t come up in the normal course of play, you had to “solve” it.

I liked it because it required me to consider where and how I could create the circumstances necessary to “Deal 1,800 damage in a single use of Blade Rush.”

I had hoped for a lot more Lore challenges like that, where it was a puzzle that needed to be solved. In that way, I’d say Addonexus was the toughest Lore challenge. Unless you just went and looked up a guide on how others did it.

Probably not the least popular Lore challenge however.

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I just don’t understand how the el dragon one is so bad. Those lore challenges I got done within my first 5 character mysteries I bet. Sometime shortly after becoming level 100 I would say. The only thing I can think of is something along the lines of a character that’s somewhat hard to use, kinda uninteresting, and has a legend gear that’s just plain awful for him