Least used builds

Hey all. I was just wondering what are some of your builds that you are using that don’t really align with the current m10 meta.

I’ve had a Moze that could shoot every element at once. Or a nukem Fl4k one shoting all the mobs. Pure melee amara with no Face-puncher.

Just kind of wanting to see what people are running that isn’t meta or a youtuber build.

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Dahl Moze Build. It’s not very good but I really enjoy using Dahl weapons


Rough Rider Deathless build let’s get it DONE!!!

I have dabbled in the melee FL4K(no Stinger) and it’s pretty awesome really.


Well ive been capn planet zane.

Gtd made ppl realize how sick it is clone banging
The three point boost made it mainstream

All u need is 1 pt in trick of the light for special stuff

Nothing special.but high hp flak on console. Still red n green but using low caps resistance. Can’t health gate tho which sucks lol. Its like a project

As shield break fill

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I was using a Frozen Fl4k using a rakk atack build and a frozen heart with action skill start for awhile and with ok results, it ended up being more of a support build for co op.

That works. Its a coop game.

Any FL4K pet build you can think off

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I’ve created a cryo/Jakobs Amara using the Seventh Sense, Wagon Wheel, Clairvoyance, Wedding Invitation and Frozen Heart ASA. The amount of ricochets and extra projectiles is pretty crazy and the Frozen Heart makes getting crits abundantly easy.

i got a face puncher zane and moze, melee fl4k, invincible moze. i also got a pure melee amara, i created another amara for a stinger build so i wont respec my melee amara.

i actually have those build previously in m4, and i make them work back then.

All of my nine characters change rotate builds every time I play; sometimes it’s a meta build (usually with some nerf because I will be omitting some key piece of gear or skill; still fun, but I’m not steamrolling), but usually it’s some random

My favorite non-meta build is a Bloodletter with a Leech (pick your favorite non-Deathless relic here… I usually go with a Lunacy, but I won’t say no to a Hot Drop with fire enhancement). The key is to get enough magazine size so the taser has two in the magazine (via your relic and points in the Bottomless Mags tree). Redistribution, Forge, and Experimental Munitions are on point for this.

You want two rounds in the taser magazine so that when you fire one, you aren’t committed to a long reload (the second shot stays in the bank to avoid this or fire in a pinch). Fire the taser at a crit spot, where it will constantly trigger Redistribution (to get that second shot back in the magazine faster). The taser fire also heals you, so while it’s throwing crit damage for its duration (buffed by Experimental Munitions and whatever else you threw at it in the build… I haven’t checked to confirm that Fire in the Skag Den helps here, but some Stoke the Embers helps), your shield gets solid regeneration from Bloodletter being fed by the taser. Switch to another weapon for damage (or switch modes and fire the Leech pistol, though I get that few are fans of its damage output). See also: Force Feedback being constantly triggered by the repeated crits from the taser. For further consideration, unloading numerous tasers simultaneously when exiting Iron Bear.

When your taser(s) run out, and you switch back to it at some point because there are more dings in your shield, you don’t have to reload because the first shot was still in the magazine.

I like this because the mechanism is a hoot, and I’m free to use other gear while the taser tanks me up.

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For a while I played a Dahl-ARs-only Moze build.

I used to really like the Warlord and Kaos.

But those guns simply didn’t survive the transition to Mayhem 2.0, even with good anoints they can’t put out enough damage.

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i dont know if this doesnt belong to M10 meta since it’s a chucking build.
The catch is that instead of using Tediore’s weapons im using a rad Handsome Jackhammer.

For a few weeks I had fun with a dopplebanger Zane. Until mayhem 4 came out it was pretty effective. Nova Berner and a lot of aoe damage and range, it could oneshot mobs back then.
Now nova shields are garbage so…

Found the old post, it was a funny and gimmicky build

I’m working on making them feel viable right now. I can still use them, but killing things is definitely slow on M10. I’ve mentioned this in some other thread, but I found a great Bloodletter with +35% AR, +35% smg, +50% dahl critical. I said to myself, well, if that isn’t the universe telling me to make a Dahl Moze, I don’t know what is! Maybe we can Mozes who use that build Dahl Dolls.
I’m still trying to “figure it out” but if I make it M10 viable, I’ll post up.

Nice. Have you tried a breath of the Dying? Its been doing work against armored enemies. The Fl4k I play with can 1 shot fabricator with it by of the mobs.

I’ve been running with a FFYL Nuke everything Moze.

Put on the Double Downer shield to add 50% FFYL time. Rocketeer giving me 10/5 Torgue Cross Promotion for insane splash damage/radius. Hammerdown nukes for IB and a while AutoBear active bonus incendiary Nukem.

My Bear and I just nuke the map together. I go into FFYL every shot, lol, but the DD and the new blue guardian perks keep me alive as long as there’s something left to shoot at. I’ll also pull out a 2x Ogre and get right in enemies faces. I’m more dangerous in FFYL than I am on my feet.

Edit: the Laser Fare mayhem modifier helps with second winds when everything else is dead.

I’m currently running an M10 COV Moze. I’m trying to complete all “galaxy completion” items, and I had almost none of the COV manufacturer challenges complete, so I made this build.

Bloodletter, Deathless, Transformer with +75% shields on ASE. Longbow Quasar with 25% damage on throw for my grenade. Red + green trees, just 5 points in blue for the tier 1 fire bonus.

Guns are:

  • 4 pellet NoPewPew, +150% rad OR Seeryul Killur, +150% rad
  • 2x yellowcake, +150% rad
  • 1x Gargoyle (for armored targets, anoint is useless)
  • Purple kinetic sawblade launcher, 2x13,000 damage, +160% splash (surprisingly effective!)

It’s certainly not the fastest killing build in the world, but I reset my TVHM playthrough and have been using nothing but this loadout.

Since I’m not in the blue tree, I get my shields up through my +75% ASE and her kill skills. I easily get 160k shields. My only healing is sprint healing from the green tree, so I make careful use of running between cover while shooting which keeps my shields up. Quasar is good for disabling a small group of enemies and letting me deal with the others, and if you sprint while it’s dealing damage, you can heal without having to fire. Use cover strategically. You can facetank smaller numbers of enemies as long as you’re sprinting at your target as you fire.

It’s been extremely fun and a very different Moze experience. Enjoying it immensely at the moment. I haven’t attempted the Maliwan Takedown with this build, but once I’m done with Tyreen and head back there, I’m confident I’ll be able to complete it. We’ll see!

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I don’t think anyone has ever built Fl4k with the master tree capstone in mind.

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You saying that makes me want to do a build based around it! I’ll have to check it and see if it does anything now… my guess though is that it’s basically useless.

The biggest problem is that enemies do not do any damage compared to how much life they had. If the Dominated enemy got some kind of huge buffs applied to them, it could actually be pretty fun!

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I roll with a sniper deathless build in M10 with holy crit and galaxy brain as my two main modifiers: